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Middle East Peace Process Roadmap

This is the plan I have for middle east crisis , if middle east crisis solves the only focus on the world would be another 50 year unsolved religio -political battle between India and Pakistan.

1. Have a investigation into Mahmoud Abbas , palestinian Prime minister resignation. Find the factors causing internal opposition of his fight against terrorist. If arafat was a factor , exile Arafat out of the land ( he had his chances , he did also help to come to this level)
2. Have a international monitoring system between Israel and palestinian borders , provided both countries accept till the roadmap to peace and creation of plaestinian state in 2005
3. Stop Israel targeted assasinations , eventhough aimed at terrorists it always ends up killing a dozen innocent civilians and causing more anger and distrust of the peace plan.
4. Bring Hamas militant groups political wing in direct cabinet of Palestine forgetting whatever they have done in the past ( they help setup NGO for poor palestinaians .. With that goodwill). They should also form a part of cabinet level comitte while discussing anything with israel cabinet.
5. US should not be a single broker in peace process because the whole arab and plaestinain groups still feel it has biased policy towards Israel. SO a separate comitte with EU and UN has to be formed and always be this comitee unanimous decision for brokering any peace process.
6. Build Intelligence to disintegrate Palestinian radical militants on a slow but steady basis
7. Lets get practical , if Arafat is going to continue in Palestine , whoever he appoints as Prime Minister is going to be Dummy , so why know this and still allow, lets US and Israel have direct talks with him , he being a chair person of the negotiating commitee.
8. For every suicide attack on Israel , there should be whatever needs to be done to have the Palestinian Comitee not only condemn but have HAMAS peace comitee members directly apologise to local palestinain public and israel and promise to have those arrested.

Will followup with a Indo-Pak Peace Roadmap shortly



The world i see is pretty small
i would like to have it all
All for me and No to none
How it would be to have such fun


From my mouth the words that float
are the thoughts that i try , denote
Not all of them u can quote
As most of them do not connote


gifts of richness but bare hands
gifts of wisdom but lack of words
gifts of talents but lack of oppurtunities
gifts of expression but thirst of time
natures wealth amidst cribbing proverty
Ubiquitious love amidst seldom lovers
who is to be blamed the Seer or the Seen
it seems to look as the seer, but
source of infinitesmal bliss is your subtle soul
this very creation of this world is our heart's love
darkness exist but we create those beautiful night stars
ignorance exist but we create insights out of them
in that suffering exist , but we create longing out of them
longing exist but we create patience out of them
by patience , let the wings of understanding flutter
from that understanding let our egos be shed
from that weightless minds, lets embark on this voyage
where all paths only leads to love



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A Passion Ring

Iam flying so high
with love as my wings
To the Egoloess 'I'
a love song i sing
Around my finger lie
a passion ring
part not till i die
said my beloved king
to tests and trials, saying goodbye
chains of love makes me cry
in such suffereing and seperation , i ask WHY?
O! Ocean of Love can you go dry?
O! time and Space , my heart you fry
On the peace of mind you do fry
I say to thee, thy cant win
as love as we be kith and kin
decades may sail, but love never fails
singing my song tail, to thee i hail


Perplexed Poet

Perusing the Poets Paras
Perplexed is he in thoughts
Penetrating the readers mind
confused as they a lot


The languiage of a novice
sows the seed of avarice
fearing to lose my position
cut in by the poetical incison
stunned am i
knowing not what to reply


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Helen Keller

! i wish i was Helen Keller
i would have learnt to love placid nights
i would have learnt to love silence more
i would have learnt to love movements more
But more of all ,
i would have learnt to love myself more


In Pursuit of Providence

I want to tear open my heart
To fly and set free the divine
Into Chains of mysery Iam caught
Caged and arrested in ravines
living and dwelling in the dark
unwilling to carry any long
unveiling to reveal the monarch
I spend my days chanting this song
Days have gone pass by
thinking always how to live
its time to relax with a sigh
thus , this very moment starting to live
Life is but sorrow and Joy
there is nothing much to crib
the world is such a eventful ploy
to take a challenging plunging dip
Knowing the unknown has been of interest
Unkown always makes one in distress
Knowing things new , opens the crust
awaking many more things unknown to us


Love's Reality

iam eneveloped in reality, amidst this illusionary ambience
illusion however cannot enclose reality
illusion is reality in different manifested form
and that reality i talk about is love which has no form
there are no forms of love nor love can be formed
something which didnt exist under mercy of time
but was behind every existance
the reason behind our existance is love
My connection to you is beyond rational
it is beyond the fears of communication
it is beyond the fears of me going unheard
it is beyond many lifetimes
you speak of only love
its intoxicating fragrance makes even nature envies itself
immaculate love , how can it be lost?
love is alwys there to be cherished
nothing is lost , we only lose to our own illusions
illusions we create all the time
reality is never created , it is just always is
you read in my mind
you ask me in my sleep
you look into my eyes
you hear in my silence
i will be just loving you always


Interesting a subject , i had conversation with someone who claimed to have witnessed certain paranormal investigations and a photographer.

Question was what is that white substane captured in some cameras called , and i was told it is ectoplasm , which is nothing but an electric field emanating from the being. The other obvious question was , if camera can capture and see , why not the naked visible human eye? the answer was very strange because of camera speed. I just quite couldnt get it, i asked the retention power of human eye slow , if so these beings continuously emanate ectoplasam so human eye should be able to capture it. I heard certain people can also see it , for example the Orbs. A new term , so i asked what are orbs, and told Orbs are the spirit vehicle and ectoplasam emanates from it. I was asked whether I dabbled lately , meaning whether i have experienced some paranormal activity. Ectoplasam is NOT constantly emanated from these beings is what iam told. Orbs houses ectoplasam and is also a similar electro magnetic field of activity. I was asked to see through the webcam , but i couldnt connect , claimed strong electric fields are experienced. The subject was drifted to Mothman prophecies later completely out of context eventhough i was insisting clarity to my earlier questions. Remember the ID's buzzmitchell2000 and psychicdream2003. I have two pictures one of Buzz and his daughter and orbs around and another picture of a likely angel kind of a thing. Some of the interesting authors to read on the subject are James Van Pragg and Sylvia Brown. I have a reason to now visit Wisconsin if i happen to go there. I am hearing next about Kundalini experiences and how LSD as a drug has helped to facilitate it.

Badri Short verses
B5. Once for all, no more alchol


Telepathy -2

I was listening to Dr Rupert Sheldrake speech on telepahy in live video broadcast. It strenghtened many of my earlier beliefs and also gave a tinge of how science is trying to explain the Phenomenon. Sheldrake calls parasychological mind or what we often refer to a mind capable of exhibiting ESP phenomena as Extended mind.

Extended Mind refers to the concept of mind not being housed and opertaional only inside a brain but its ability to be functional outside the physical brain thereby also having the capacity to extend beyond it, and facilitating to communicate.

The extended mind not alone works within humans or within animals or between animals and humans but also how nature and animals interact , as many abnormal behaviour of animals reported before earthquakes etc. Telepathy requires a communiocation to be established by two subjects , premonition is another area where sometimes strong messages are sent about certain incidents or events or certain other happenings.

The idea of extended mind could be used from Gambling to foreseeing of certain events like Sept 11, question is how much as a science backed phenomena it can make people accept and how much science can drive into the subject to bring some credibility into the topic is in serious question. There should be more such debates , theories, experiments etc conducted on unconventional science as that helps in new inventions through serendi[ity and practice.

The biological factor in relations could help serve establishing telepathy mor eeasily as in mother and child , or between twins , or between two loved ones more compared to strangers and acquinatances. From experiments , disctance doesnt seem to be either way impact the occurenece of telepathy and hence electromagnetic waves being a medius of though travel or communication have to be strongly disputed or debated upon.

There are a lot of extended mind experiments like Telphonic Telepathy or Email telepathy or Stared from behind concepts wherein the subject is asked to chose 4 known persons from whom a call is set as experiment at a specific period in time , and he needs to feel and find who would be calling among the 4. Looks like a simple probability experiment

I would have to look into more experiements and self experiment on the same. As a step towards that having identified the person , it would require a lot more of understanding and involvement and i feel needs to be a natural progression of things , which i eventually see to become.

To read the following Web Sites
1. Skeptical inquirer
2. Sheldrake Homepage
3. Boundary Institute


1. I liked the movie UNFAITHFUL , its about raw emotions, about the beast in us , about the love in us , about mistakes we make and how far we go in expressing love and possessiveness of wife , family and home. Diane Lane was too powerful , i think the story line was the important reason for success and portrayed both sides of a husband and wife. There isnt any movie i know of and wanted to watch but didnt , except HeyRam.

2. I had gone to the Slot machine, it was quite some time after vegas , ofcourse nto to gamble but to accompany a friend. It was never fun nor was it boring... POKER was much better , atleast you have a chance to use your brain rather than slot machines where you only have the chance to lose. That 777 was just not coming .... I had played Black jack in vegas with friends , i could never recollect me spending my own in any of these lol..

3. I met a gay man finally , only question i asked was , does he believe it is genetic or a chosen lifestyle and i was replied with what i didnt chose to believe so long , GENETIC! , trying to understand a sexual preference is not worth it , just that a stimulus is needed and there is pleasure out of stimulus , either self induced or externally induced by a man or a woman with or without love , in marriage or outside. What more is there to say !

4. I think bar is the best place to talk philosophy , especially to drunkards , who if at all they make sense , do only when they get drunk. Intoxication of any kind is slavery and not a natural way but induced way of happiness. I am not sure why i maintain such a discipline , i always think i would be embarking on a more sincere and earnest spiritual voyage sometime in future and preparing my body as a vehicle to be attuned to the same i guess.. the seriousness is currently not there , i dont know what is that push i require to move to the next stage, workin on it , no hurries!

5. i received that mail , it said everything it had to in such delicate words which was neither transparent or hidden. It had everything in it , a few line compendium of human confusion and how each of us struggle, and how certain inevitablities have to be rather than lived with , to be be understood and dealt once and for all, easily said though...

6. My photos of the holywell national park is still to be developed, i need to also find a site to upload them and include it in my Blog. I havent even tried audio blog so far. I guess i need to find a way to get rid of tiredness , which makes me less productive in work and makes me work long hours. Eating and Sleeping habits i suspect could be a reason for this problem.

7. Disagreeing is a part of life , i guess is need to take it in right spirits, debate i love them , it triggers the intellectual part of the self, i guess at the end there should be some learning though , time spent on anything should be fruitful and helping to move forward. Being unduly sensitive will cause only suffering, i guess mental strength and vigour to accept criticism whether be just or not , should be developed. Suffering is always self induced is a very helpful mantra, life should drift away from you , most of time it should be in your control.

8. My only materialistic desire is to get some disposable gift from tex, and a laptop to stay hooked in the net. Probably a Nikkon F-100 to just finally add one more to the list. Jam is learning Bharatanatyam , much to learn together from her experiences. I should start posting my 11 part Carnatic series on the blog as and when i find time. I also plan to write some fiction if time would permit.

9. There is so much i have learnt and received through Internet, but there is a huge chunk of potential people who dont contribute back , i feel iam one of them. I think i would serve in return using this blog to build it in future. My writings i hope would get more matured, real, and useful and creative as i tend to mould my thinking , writing and making this worth readable. Iam trying to make in these inital blogs , the habit of writing daily as a practice.

10. I think the main idea behind blogs , definitely love this concept , is to bring about the so many untapped talents with ourseleves in expression and ideas/views/opinions which can be shared both political/ personal/ promotional and get a place in this virtual web to bring in the voice of the unspoken by making it easy through bringing in a daily diary to the web. The art of web publishing will change the future of many book sellers , as the story develops people would be more interested to read it i feel rather than reading an entire book at one go as it used to be. Authors would have sites and post chapter by chapter , privelaged audience would have their share of reading with associated logins and will also be entitled for a hardcopy at the end of the book.

11. Have to read the Da Vinci Code , one of my friends just told me that female divinity was systematically removed from Bible and Da Vinci who himself was a pagan then and courtship painter did draw many hidden pagan symbols in his numerous paintings including the Last Supper.


I live my days with our memories of love
everything around changes but my love doesnt
wondered why , wandered in my thoughts
mind couldnt answer , it gave up
i sought an answer to later find my question was wrong
love is beyond Q&A, its beyond reasoning , beyond rational
i did then ask , why God did u make me think thru my mind
why not make me breathe love , eat love , and think thru love
God replied Verily my Love i made thee likewise!
your love of ignorance yeilds love to suffer
i began to cry, saying i cannot understand or think anymore
HE replied again saying , think not thru ur mind
i realised , i had to give up my thoughts , i have to give up my mind
i have to give the MY in everything if i were to find love
as in every I and MY , i seperate 'myself' from the love the beloved
i try to give up , ignorance as fear is not wanting to be generous
but there is love calling wide open and compassionate with its wings
all set to enevelope me with its beauty and its grace
iam yet to make the final jump not fearing gravity would kill me
but rather love would embrace me , flyin in its magic carpet
when i do , there is no more the doer and the done
in such a death there is immortality
in that time , there is eternity
love ! love ! love ! wherever u are , i belong there
this poem is mine , but its thoughts are yours
this speech is mine, but its words are yours
i surrender to thee , for iam a string in the instrument of love


Deserve - Haikooo

A few times i did observe
to ask the question did i Deserve?
But many a times i didnt have nerves
to say the answer i do deserve

Winning the Goal

1. Need for the Goal
2. Defining the Goal
3. Analayzing the Goal & Self
4. Note the Self improvement areas
5. Note the areas for favouring to reach the Goal
6. Find resources that can help acheive the Goal
7. Make self amendments to inch towards the Goal
8. Keep the Goal always in focus , dont get distracted or bored or give up
9. Be open minded to redefine the Goal
10. Be prepared to take Risks sometimes , develop intuition and instincts

For all you may know , it may not even be worthy to have such a goal .
if you have heard, listen on it
If you have listened , think on it
if you have thhought, understand on it
if you understood, follow on it
if you followed, makes others follow on it

I Saw Her

The veil slid slowly
refelecting her resplendent beauty
rejoicing was i in company
losing myself in eternity
Looking the world thru her eyes so wide
Wanting to be by her side
Secrets of me , I confide
As nothing with her i like to hide
Chained in thoughts , surrendering to her
I tied a knot , protecting her
the whole world stilled looking on us
as we move up high in oneness



My body is made of mouth and ear
each of which to me is clear
I came to life on a bell
in the mind of lover, I do dwell
My sleep is disturbed on a pick
Weah I go, when the weather becomes sick
Carved and engraved in my dress
contains the cryptic code of others address
I talk to ones far and near
coins they feed for them to hear
My first name depends where I am
usually not more than seven wherever I am
I cannot exist without the I
still me and I are not the same
The I, I dependent upon have many colors
but the color of me is always many the same
I merge with I only in the noon
I cease to exist when night comes soon


Transitive Thoughts

The way I live
The life I lead
Showers a ray of hope in all my deeds
The day would come
when I succeed
I like some
with no bad weeds
Time would demand
to part with life
Virtue would remand
what u did worthwhile
Life is such
a wionderful gift
thinking abt much , alas at death shift
feeling so bad , that nothing much done
Thoughts i never had , so helped no one


Walk with the Beloved

Walking hand in hand
working together, what may come lets withstand
let the purity of love beyond us expand
fighting against other distracting demands
lets spend time together, verily planned
seeing love suck us together in its quicksand
i pray to Light let not the communication disband
this longing has helped me to focus
grateful that u still discuss
after understanding my very crisis
the very point is just not to live
but every moment in that to be alive
what i have of you is not a feeling
what i have of you is the u inside me
what do i want , what do i want, seems to always be the question
i want the truth i say to thee, O! thy manifested form
where do u want to live , where do u want to live?
i dont know but i thought i knew with who i want to
Nature wants to keep me this distant? oh Well No! No!
Nature says wherever u are , you are a part of me
dont see this to be different frm that place
dont see this color to be different from that
dont see them to be different from you
dont see you different from me , You are me, verily Iam yourself
THUS i say
U see the same stars from your homeland
i see those same stars from my inland
we stay connected even if we dont see the connection
we stay united , even if we dont see this union


English in India

English in India
(Part 1 – History & Trend)

Badri Narayanan

The accent and the vocabulary skills of Indians, to speak as if neutral are better than Latinos, East Asians, even better than few Europeans.

To understand why it is so, one would require to study a bit of the influence of British and the impregnation of English into the multi cultural and complex society of India.

Understanding the nature of Indian languages or dialects with a bit of history would enable one to teach and influence from the perspective tutoring ‘English as second language’ enriching their conversational skills and enhancing their vocabulary in writing.

Language is improved only by practice and constant usage, whether in usage of meaningful well weighed vocabulary or in the ability to speak fluently and grammatically correct.

India has a country has 14 official languages

Note: They are not in the order of Majority Speaking

Serial No. Language Name Number of Persons
1. Assamese 13,079,696
2. Bengali 69,595,738
3. Gujarati 40,673,814
4. Hindi 337,272,114
5. Kannada 32,753,676
6. Kashmiri 56,693
7. Konkani 1,760,607
8. Malayalam 30,377,176
9. Manipuri 1,270,216
10. Marathi 62,481,681
11. Nepali 2,076,645
12. Oriya 28,061,313
13. Punjabi 32,753,676
14. Sanskrit 49,736
15. Sindhi 2,122,848
16. Tamil 53,006,368
17. Telugu 66,017,615
18. Urdu 43,406,932

Governance of India by British was increasingly difficult as each state had their own language and the need to induce English so strongly as an official language was in the making as early as 19th century.

In the Indian subcontinent, English became the dominant language of communication among the educated classes after the famous Minute of Lord Macaulay in 1833

Lord Macaulay controversial idea that Indian languages would be enriched by the English was debated by Anglicists supporting on one hand and the Orientalists opposing English as a form of medium and favoring Sanskrit. The bill however was passed against the Orientals who couldn’t but accept what was thrusted.

For governance purposes the British searched for Indian mediators and to well educated class of Brahmins. The idea of British was to create a class of Indians who could think the British way and would in opinion taste and intellect behave the same way but still would be discriminated because of their roots and skin.

Apart from British colonial power the MISSIONARIES founded a greater need to teach the gospel of Christ through English.

But India being a secular nation and the majority being hindu weren’t swept by the influence of Bible as doctrine to rule their lives, with Vedas and Upanishads giving a more meaningful approach to live and understand life than the story tale of Eden. Missionaries hence couldn’t spread the language or their goal in a big way. Statistics of religious map shows there are less than 2 percent of Christians.

The missionaries knew it would be a difficult task to change the adults having lived in the tradition and culture as complex and so profound in philosophy and so ancient in history. Their plan was early as 1833 century to groom the younger generation and hence started missionary schools, introducing English as the primary medium of communication and also an excellent opportunity to teach the gospel.

British universities in India were started in mid 1850’s and towards the early start of the 19th century there were students including Gandhi started traveling abroad for foreign education.

The leaders of the Freedom Fighter movements were those educated masses who had educated abroad or had their education in English, primarily to either benefit as employers to British administration or in fighting the very same rule.

Even after India’s independence, English remained the main language of India. Officially it was given a status of an assistant language and was supposed to terminate officially after 15 years of India’s independence, but it still remains indispensable and as an important language of India.

With their modern leader’s support, with the British need for administration and the missionaries alma maters for spreading the gospel, all being in English, suddenly English became an indispensable symbol of the elite.

Higher education abroad as well as in India were offered only by British Universities and hence it would help anyone doing an higher education or wanting to do one, study English as the medium at school level, so it would help in their higher education. Preference was also given to students who knew English well to converse and communicate.

Foreign language means it has no immediate implication outside the classroom. Second language would mean even outside the classroom it could be selectively used in a geographical area. Associate national language would mean it could be used across the entire country but still only by the selective or eclectic few.

Speaking or adapting to a foreign language or even a second language not being one’s mother tongue, would depend upon how close or far it is deviating from their native language in terms of usage and style of expressing one’s thought and culture.

The reason for India to do so is pretty simple. The myriad of languages poses a problem even after Post independence where the southern part of India remained and preferred to continue as Non HINDI zone. Hence the only common communication would definitely be nobody’s language of Indian origin, hence English.

The southern part of India had significant opposition to hindi being a national language, they felt their languages would die in due course accepting hindi and rather preferred and supported English against hindi, which is another booster to English as the only accepted language across the whole region.


Hindi is the national language but English over the years have taken priority also has the second national language in use for the aforementioned reasons.

There would be a significant difference when closely observed between the southerners of India speaking English against to the northerners because the roots of the Aryans (North) the language is Sanskrit and whereas the roots of the Dravidians (South) is Tamil.

The Indian system of languages in schools maintains English as a secondary language as opposed to countries like Far East, or European nations who treat it as a foreign language.

One significant difference between European and Indians speaking the accent of English is that Sanskrit which has been a mother of Hindi and a greater influence in European languages (resulted in Indo-European Linguistic studies)is no longer in use. European languages on the other hand like Latin/Greek/old Norse are pretty much closer in pronunciation and also geographically by the influence of culture.

It has taken such an alarming trend after 50 yrs of independence, where certain political parties have started wanting to have the education system made indianization. “mother-Tongue� has taken both a political and linguistic dimension leading to changing the English name of their cities and places to pre independent native language names, one such example is madras now called as Chennai (in local tamil) and Bombay called as Mumbai.

English is a major medium of Communication in Information technology, scientific education, governance, public information & broadcasting, news media etc. It is no longer an essential tool between an Indian and a foreigner but an Indian and an Indian itself having two different mother tongues coming from different states.

All forms of printable media is got a major share of their writings in English, be it Films posters, election posters, magazine front page posters, wall boards, hotel menus, shop names, sign boards, road signs, all major national newspapers.. you name it.

Bilingualism is a given fact in India because of the socio-political, demographic reasons, so many states with so many cultures of their own still under a single country. Bilingualism thus is essential for people who have their friends, family and relatives in different states.

The important point here is that bilingualism is not taught in schools but learnt from childhood and in the neighborhood. More interestingly talking in this transcript Bilingual in English is a totally different ball game. Bilingualism in English is institutionalized and demanded in white collar jobs, government work, university sponsored, society nurtured, an increasing inevitable self-invasion.

Indians have gone far away from their own mother tongue to such an extent citing my own example that, I would prefer to read a Ramayana or Mahabharata or Bhagwad Gita in English comfortably than Tamil or yet to learn Sanskrit. And there are Americans who want to preserve the Indian language from dying trying to learn Hindi or Sanskrit.

My final concluding but a sad point is that India is moving to the extent that if one doesn’t know to read or write in English eventhough he does in his native language he may be in the brink of being called an illiterate.

Articles not covered but may cover in future parts:

1. Linguist practices in Ancient India
2. Bilingualism in India
3. Bengali English
4. Steps to Tutor an Indian in English as effective second language in enhancing one’s writing, vocabulary and speaking fluency and accent adaptation.

Strange Life

I dont need to defend this heading.. everyone would have felt or experienced this many times , mostly when they are down . To me as i write , the feeling of what is in store for my life in future is a very daunting question and i dont have any answers. I want to tune in to mould myself and qualify myself to experience the higher purpose of life ( assuming it does exist) , my last 5 years of experience has changed many things in terms of my attitude towards right and wrong and had been more accomodating and accepting the diversification of the human mind and the differences. One thing i have understood is , trying through intellectual means to understand this whole existance and everything in totality is a vanity and waste of effort. Every action should be based on a real need and not to nourish intellectualism or pride, every such attempt to work on a real need alone gives the fullest of satisfaction and provides a true permanent resolution to problems. Last 5 years have been, more international exposure , more oppurtunities to meet different kind of people and more mental challenges. There seems to be no end to these challenges , the answers to these challenges is to understand the commonality of them and more focus on the true nature rather than trying to find individual solutions.
As a conscious decision, i have to become more active in my engagement towards the goal and other activities other than work. I need to get more smarter when to say NO and focus more on self development and in some earnest spiritual practice. I need to tackle problems with more smartness and also improve a keen sharp razor mind , i should be tired of anything and need to form the strong Hu-KNO network and build strength with these contacts and personalities. I feel burdened with confusion, purposelessness in many things i do , a feeling iam doing all this because to avoid boredom and continue to do something or the other as long as i continue to live. Time is an illusion, nothing is to be hastened just because i have not been doing so long. I think the best of philosophies i read , believe and want to practice is living life this moment , probably the arduous thing to do but probably a panacea to many of mine and others problems.
I thinkwhat is interesting in life is the relentlessness and the tirelessness and ability to pull back your strings whenever a challenge of any form is thrown to you. Its true at end of the day one would feel tired having to fight back , but to lead a life of perfection or happiness , the best would be is to take it at a time and live it momentarily and intelligently and definitely there is enough help in terms of books, philosophers, people, history and experience to lend a hand. It is true you cannot sit back and relax , what to do life is not the way we want it but i guess rather how you make it , you can when you have learnt its secret , till then it is your ability to survive and capacity to endure which can lead you to that. I think life can be more beautiful and i see the light at the end of the tunnel , dont lose hope ! for you have mae it this long , it will be difficult to break certain things you have learnt in childhood, there would be difficulty when you have to change , but thats about life , and is all about yourself to give it is a meaning or to live without a meaning or to find whether associating anything to it, itself is a fallacy. Good luck!


Prayer for the Artists - Ruth St Denis

This is one of the rare poem treasures not available in the Internet anywhere ( Thanks Susanah)

O, Divine Father and Mother,
Makers of heaven and earth,
Supreme artists of creation,
I, thy humble instrument
Kneel here at Thy feet.
I listen for Thy inward word
And I wait to behold Thy inward vision.

Cleanse Thou me
From all sin and self-righteousness
From all illusions of prided vanity and fear.
Make me sensitive to Thy sounds,
To Thy vision, and to Thy rhythms.

Let me express beauty,
The wonders of Thy universe
And the immortality of my own soul
Which Thou hast given me.

Allow me to enter that temple
Not made with hands
Wherein I may express the beauty of love
And the majesty of truth.

In humble and surrendered gratitude
For life, for love and for wisdom
I offer again and yet again
To Thee, my heart, my body and my mind.


Enhancing my Blogs

1. Created and submitted this site to bloglet, bloglet<>### with my yahoo email address.
2. Enabled Google Search in Bloglet to tell how many subscriptions to my site were made and
how many search engine results Google returns.
3. Try and Add Email Post Messages Subscriptions to my BlogSite , Bloglet icon included and
other icons edited on the same line including Gostats.
4. Include my site in a few other Blog Sites and try to get more subscriptions which could
enable search even more better. Trying to include images in the webpage , have a few
snapshots in the jungles of jamaica.
5. Weblogs maintain a file called Change.xml, any new URL sites pinged to it and already
available in its respository are first checked to see if site exist and the contents have
been changed. If changed it adds into its change.xml and uploads the new info. WEB Logs ChangeXML
6. To ping to a list of Blog Servers after you have made changes, ensure you submit the site
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HU-KNO Network

It is impossible to house all the knowledge in oneself. At the same time to excel it is imperative that knowledge plays a very pertinent role, building the human network for knowledge gathering or sharing does a great help on this regard. Both be work or general information or spiritual wisdom , there are parts which one can discover by themseleves through daily experience and others which can be learnt from people who have walked the path.

It is essential that a stigma or portait of ourseleves is not built, thereby at a later point in time that ego which we have built for ourselves doesnt become the obstacle or an hindrance to our own growth. If acquired knowledge , understanding , interpreting and applying alone completes the cycle. Knowledge is not a destination , it is an ongoing process.

The Hu-KNO network would serve more useful than millions of pages of information in the libraries. The network could comprise of family , relations, friends, acquintances, teachers, philosophers, fellow travellers, collegues and even once own disrespectful associations(enemies).

The most difficult aspect if the network is maintaing the network connections itself.
The most proactive aspect is ability in building and expanding the network
The most easiest aspect is ability to quickly get the information & knowledge
The greatest blockade in the network is yourself , your ego
The greatest investment is your ability to analyze, learn and put the knowledge right
The silliest of excuse is availability of time
The greatest tools or email, chat , phone
The highest virtue attained is removal of one's own ignorance
The greatest return is making another node inturn exapnd like yours


If i Knew - Poem

If i knew a way i could rewrite history
i wish to tell you a never ending story
about two bird's whose love story
in a place that calls it Spirit of Glory

if i knew that was my last chance
i would have wished for one final glance
seeing thru your eye's artistic dance
reminding myself of our love at first glance

if i knew that was your last word
and that can never ever again be heard
i would have never left you goose bird
and the NOW then would have never occured

if i knew , those love cries
eventhough between us it never dies
i wouldnt have fallen to fate's guise
nor that day i would have said goodbye

if i knew that it was our last day
i would have died only once in dismay
but ignorant of minds many ways
now million times i die everyday

If i knew , that exit was the one way door
i would plead to be with your being's core
eventhough still you may choose to ignore
my heart isnt with me anymore

if i knew then , time was few
i would have said that which is true
that time and place can never undo
that undying love i have for you



1. Next Kumbh Mela is by 2013 , this time whatever be the case I should be able to make it , dipping the holy river with 5 million or more sadhus .. cant wait what a feeling!
2. Interpretation of Mystical Dreams from an Eastern phiosophical perspective requires some solid writing by someone who has self experience dor made such experiences into a compendium.
3. What is the science of capturing occult sounds , films and mystical happenings called?
4. Chilam is the smoke pipe used by the sadhus
5. Have to download more AI programs from the internet , programs which encompass the idea of neural networks and can learn with constant usage.
6. Check where this page ranks in GOStats under Education & Refernce Category
GoStats Badri


Telepathy - A Field Theory of Consciousness

I have bought a new new mobile number and is 1-876-4102849. This is one example where i found how people are pushed to live with todays world. I had to buy this not for me to communicate but since others increasingly felt they cannot communicate with me. I am not amish though but at same time dont carry much of technical gadgets around, eventhough that is the sole bread giver for my living.

Many historic feats by yogis and ancient masters are now seemingly possible by the same mind in todays technological world but instead of mastering one's own mind and finding the power within, its increasingly seen to be embracing the doctrine of maya and fantasise playing with it.

My new mobile has many features including voice dial and suppose to enable me talk to others using radio waves. All modern communication systems whether TV , Radio FM , Satellite Phone, Pagers all use this radio waves to communicate in its own allocated band which forms the part of electromagnetic system.

hardly anyone would have believed when marconi invented radio that it did not have any wires to transmit and communicate. The communication medium for radio is non material electromagnetic field which seem to prevail everywhere.

Like Electromagnetism or Gravitional forces of nature tapped through science has created numerous communication channels both terrestial and universal ways of communication. Consciousness is also one such force , a natural force which if tapped by the human mind i believe could result in tapping such rich natural energy for the human mind and for todays world peace.

Todays world peace depends upon those minds who have had a glimpse ,experience or belief in the field theory of consciousness and is indeed a practical solution for creating the conducive environment to world peace. It is the radical solution to uproot the fundamentalistic unnaturalistic thoughts of the human mind.

Senses control pleasure or pain, mind controls senses and Consciousness controls the mind.

As electromagnetism which is invisible, infinite and unfelt till it is tapped upon , so is the strength and power of the human consciousness .. makes it logical to believe yeah?.. The vedic system of consciousness believes Consciousnes to be such a pristine primordial , sometimes reffered as prana to be able to tap the field of consciousness is sending and receiving thought waves or what we call Telepathy.

Eventhough i havent chanted and personally yet to have a consistent practice of any single mantra , i strongly believe that consistent practice with such vibrational sounds makes one a pure conductor of those energies in transmitting or receiving. I believe in postive energies and channelising of those and prayers to really bing a big difference to oneself and other lives.

I have a great fascination to it when i was a kid , more intriuging as a teen, more desperate when my love for paranormal grew but now as a necessity and only means to convey and receive in my heart the unspeakable energy

Poem Time

this whole world is such a forsakesn place
i no longer intend to continue in its ways
like to live my life's remaining days
in eternal love of Divine embrace

My Mozart
singing love's song , as high school sweethearts
the memory of your touch is an imprint in my heart
though miles apart but together in thoughts
with every beat of my heart i love u alot.

New Ideas

Span tag is used for spreading your web page in columns.
Telepathy - Part 2

Mental strength is extremely important for any such ordeals taken to be successfully completed. I lack such mental strength and vigour. Ishould stop being paranoid on trivial matters which i attach great importance too and thereby losing focus on the primary goal.


Blog My Site

To enable hit counter in the web page , i had signed with Gostats and my username is Badri and password is gostats<>###.
My login link to gostats is GoStats Login

My webpage has been added now with meta tags and free counters. I need to try to include the following
1. image
2. improve my page ranking in google
3. improve my link ranking,
4. need to update my reference links and add my URL to more sites and search engines.
5. include chat service on my page when iam online
6. include audio blogger ( try to find a free service)

I have signed up for Fooble to use its chatter box. Login is badri and password fooble<>###

Google whack

One which was close but since the entries were not in
1. "uranophobia melodrama"
2. "xanthous aggrandize" ( xanthous means yellow coloured)

Success Ones recorded in my name in Googlw whack
1. "uvate melodrama"

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Included in this Blogger site , Meta tags for KEYWORDS, Meta tag for Authors and Meta tags for Revisit After to help find my site easier by the robots, especially by engines who update and rank the sites based on latest updated information. Meta keywords are no longer used by major search engines as there is a possibility the author of the web page can decive with irrelvant content, eventhough few search engines still use the same.

Telepathy - Introduction

We all Lie , honesty is still something which is always a tested and practicing virtue. Honesty and Lies and such merism types of words in explaining the human personality exist only because of the gap existing between what we think and what we speak. When our facial, emotional expressions, actions and words can convey what our thoughts are , we do a pretty good job to conceal them as and when needed by controlling our expressions and in the language we choose to communicate. Communication is a two way process , with inputs and outputs. Our senses help to faciliate this , some to serve only as inputs and some to serve as outputs. Most of our communications are by choice , eventhough with exception that certain situations and circumstances puts our auto reflex system into action like Reddish eyes when raged, shivering body in fear, cranked language when tensed etc . All real time communication mostly are using speech. We write to communicate as well for not so real time need, recording the communication and for a wider demographic audience. However an exception to this are CHAT tools which helps to communicate real time as well.
Telepathic Communication between two , baffles all conventional form of communication thorugh senses known by man. The difference between Mind Reading and Telepathy is , the former reqires one subject and in the later two. For purposes of clarity lets call the subject who is reading the mind as Reader and the subjects whose mind is being read as Thinker. The origination of thoughts are in the mind , for both the Reader and Thinker. To really mind read , would mean the Reader alone other than the thinker can know what the Thinker is thinking at a given frame in time. Eventhough to be telepathic mind reading is not a neccessary technique to be mastered , still one should have a good control of his or her emotions, intuitions, and should be a good listener and observer. But good mind readers can be better telepathist, eventhough not all telepathist can be good mind readers. The reason is simple, telepathist is one who is able to have a two way communication thus both subjects who participate to take duals roles as Readers-Thinkers, unlike mind reading as an art which is a one way communication and understanding process between a Thinker and Reader.
When all our conventional forms of communication help us to conceal our thoughts, if mind reading is truly possible , poses a serious question whether the thinker is vulnerable in having his thoughts known by a Reader and is there no way he can conceal his thoughts . Are there ways you can LIE to a mind reader about what you are thinking? can you shut down the channel of thought communication so he doesnt read anything? or is there anyway one can distort his reading? Much of the topic is in theory as we are neither good Readers or Thinkers ( able to effectively conceal to a mind reader). Thus much of the talk and discussion is to rationally understand the process by which a Reader & Thinker can communicate and later find avenues, techniques and skills required to improve in the unconventional way of human communication. To start with , reading a few sites in google will help to understand the terms, practices and experiments carried out on subjects and later to try and see how other techniques like Yoga , meditation etc help to acheive this process. A serious study starts in me with this introductory part which i plan to develop it and revisit more often. I would like to do a daily study and exhaust the sites in the web to first understand in its current form.
Regards to the futility of this project which i like to code name TALK ( Telepathy Art Learning & Knowledge) programme , is definitely a doable and a rational thought , for the simple reason there have been numerous time we could read people minds by practice and have had this experience in our own lives. If we can speak to communicate our thoughts , we can think to communicate directly through them. The path ahead could be difficult as there needs to be lot more experimentation of the unknown rather than rationalization or intellectualization of the commonly known held beliefs. Should be able to dream and imagine big and not to control thoguhts but try and test with an open mind on every possibility.



The real things we believe to be so true based on which we lead our day to day lives or based on which sometimes our daily lives are dictated upon... ( Have to add more to the list)

1. numbers
2. god
3. mind
4. time
5. sky
6. spirit
7. Atom

Whats seems to be really make it seem real is our modern day reality. All the above examples make it possible to lead a real day to day life assumings certain things to be real , ofcourse when the majority believe it real , even something which is false can seem or be made real. Reality is therefore a collective idea that is believed or followed or based upon or all of the above. To induce such a reality to the masses can be done by both science and religion. The masses tend to either incline towards science or in its absence to religious teachings or thoughts. Spirituality is a different ball game which neither approves the two and which states and defines firstly about what is Illusion before it tries to explain and say about Reality. NEti Neti or by process of negation alone Reality can be shown to one whose every action or activity is based upon the illusionary drama stage set in life.


1. Checkout GOOGLE FIGHT ( Word Comparison) , it helps you to find among two given words , which has the largest number of results or reference returned.
2. Google Weblogs at GOOGLE BlogSpace
3. Google has bought a personalised web search tool from a caompany called Kaltix. I had been mentioning of its need in my earlier blog.
4. Yet another close Google Whack "Vicarious finickiness" you can whack at GOOGLE Whack
5. A final whack succeeded "Bamboozle Finickiness" , you can check at GOOGLE Whack Results
posthumous vociferousness

Union in Seperation

tireless is the dance of a sufi
timeless is the wisdom of a Rumi
as words and spaces, as dervish and floor
as mind and body, so is lover and the beloved
as in every seperation there lies a union
as in words and spaces there is a sentence
as in dervish and the floor there is dance
as in mind and body there is yoga
as in lover and the beloved there is love
when beloved intoxicates you
the words begins to dance betwixt the pages
and the inner dance begins to still amidst the whirls
A prayer of sufi is such both wisdom and dance,
and i would quote

"May blessings of peace be upon you
May its peace abide with you
May its essence illuminate your heart"
Now and forever more...."

Amo Ergo Sum!(i love therefore iam)

Fill the cup with love, Crito!
thou time had cometh for Socrates
Winged with love, to fly beyond earth,
for, he as love is always with you,
Nay not talk to this Socrates with flesh and bones
if you do, you will miss him after his death
Tho i spoke many words to thee
listen not! but to the unpspoken word of Love
for when that moment comes, only it can make you be with me
nay not fill thy cups with tears, say he
and do not follow my body when it is gone but thy heart
for it is sure to come in you and me, time it not
bid me farewell, in your mind not in thy heart
time and death wait for none, find thy mind and heart to win

Heaven in Marriage

Church of love, with its gates open wide
welcomes white angel, playing "Here comes the Bride"
grooms and bride families on either side
finds the match is made, as heavens decide

holding dads hand and walking love's aisle
the groom waits there for the bride meanwhile
priest reading the bible, amidst his wedding smile
they make together a bond thats sessile

from above blessed the doves, in the well lit sky
down came the tears from the bride's-groom's eye
love in its glory, with its flags flying high
spreads the energy of this love,to others thereby

giving themselves to the other, singing 'Gift of Magi'
even God cannot seperate, neither can he belie
such is the love , in its purity whereby,
the bonds of love continue, even after they die

life is a struggle
amidst the vulnerable,dangerous and fearful
there lies unshaken,fearless calmness
love is immortal , if it were not,
ramakrishna and ramana would be yet another name
those who loved during their lifetime,
became love during our lifetimes
from becoming lovers to love is thus our journey
this will be our path
there will be no time for tears
there will be no room for fears
yours , mine , theirs , is of love
this , that , those are also of love
the days in our hands
the love in our hearts
the will in our minds
if we were to rest , let it be that day
when our body can no longer cooperate with us
to reach the heights of love
lets cast it , rest it but still continue
the endless jounrey , in the infinite hearts
immortal in time , immeasaurable by space
let not mother earth be bathed in blood once more
let not be in vain to veil off her infinite compassion
let not another heart , be just flesh by ignorance
God! love me! for i love you


I signed up for Audio Blogger today , using the same login password for the blogger enetry. The number to call and leave my audio blog is 1-661-716-BLOG.

Since anyone can leave a voice mail if they come to know this number , there are two levels of security.

1. It should be a number dialed from the number you promised Blogger to Call the 1-661-716-BLOG , basically CLI
2. The numeric password you entered during the sign up. 1008

The trial period offers you only free audio post to the log. Audio Blogger is powered by Audioblog another provider for

There should also be a a Video Blog to capture video and post it on a everyday basis. The only shortcoming being the amount o disk space it would eat up and hence the amount of money one would require to shell out as it would not be a free service.

Today i happened to witness bringing AVAYA IP 4620 phone close to a another Infra red enabled Laptop , popped up a message from system tray saying AVAYA IP 4620D found.

Have to use a network of people brains in growing and learning things. Individually trying to experience, experiement and only the practice should be by the self.

Being project manager or a leader requires planning , we dont even know what will happen to ourseleves tomorrow and seems so hypothetical to keep doing these things.

I have some suggestions for google, there should be a way to cache the interest of the users , probably even an autologin option , where depending on the interest or previous google experience , the search engine is able to understand what pattern of results should be shown for the seaarchers.
Chittor Certification in sanskrit takes 6 solid years - I would definitely like to atleast learn basics of sanskrit.
Badri titbit statements
B1.Choice is ours , but
B2.Destiny is not yours
B3. Without basics there is no Basis

GAYATHRI means GAYANTHAN THRAYATHE ITHI GAYATHRI, meaning Will protect one who sings or chants me
To search for BLOGS in blogspot starting with B inurl:b*

Will have to publish more blogs and let the URL be known for Google to have it easy for scrolling. One day i see Google returning my web site , other day i see it not being shown at all. Very strange.
Tried adding meta tags for Robots to search my website with INDEX & NOFOLLOW ( this will prevent the robot not to crawl the links i had included on my page).
By understanding how each of the search engines crawl, major task is to find my website from all search engines.
Can Google Search Bot, help to search and find Flash presentations ?
MSN bot is using looksmart to add listings to their web search engine . The user is and password is "lookbadri123"


I heard the news my sister is finally got engaged. I am not very thrilled because we have been close to this a few times and things have changed just before the engagement function .

I just only hope one thing , i hope she is not demoralized by any of these stupid things and doesnt start having a complex.

I dont even know the guys name , have pressure to atleast come back and attend the wedding.

Uner the name of cost cutting , the amount of unrealisitc work that is being thrusted and that too with bugs and issues is probably not right. On other hand i never excercised my choice of NO attitude when given responsibility. I lose a lot of my personal time , i know the pygmalion concept will work in this too but i think it is not just worth it anymore.


Hard learnings
1. Knowledge can make a slave out of you , or you can become a slave because of someone else superior knowledge.
2. This whole system man is conceived to work perfect, like everyday morning you have to be at work by this time , you have to have the cab running with all its mechanical parts working properly to take you to work, you need to have the structural aspects of the building in place , you need to have electricty and computer systems with those microchips functioning, nothing can go wrong, but everytime something goes wrong. Its very difficult to live in this error prone system which is by nature always in threat and vulnerable.
3. Struggling between keeping work professionally from personally . I found one good reason why everyone would go through this, we want to be what we are rather than try to always pretend what we are , as the former is natural. Hence we tend to relate with people at working during or after work in our natural way or vasanas. So definitely a personal protocol is built , whatever official or work related can be only a tunneling protocol to this.
4. I feel threatened by me , when i feel i have lack of knowledge. My whole confidence even in things which iam usually confident of started to crumble like a building built out of biscuits than bricks.
5. I have a mental block , i cant ever think or dream of staying in Jamaica forever. I dont feel comfortable eventhough there are no reasons in certain things to feel uncomfortable of , it is more the desire or hope of thought that i would feel comfortable somewhere else.
6. I find whenever i talk to SRK , even simple things i am either failing to observe or not giving its due importance and most likely when pushed to have them attend my concentration , i find terrible. Problems become Beuraucratic when Basics to it are not either attended or attention deprived.
7. To build a reputation is difficult but i feel increasingly to maintain it is much more difficult.
8. We want others to recognize us at work rather recognize us through work
9. Dedication at work means , work done dedicatedly, not dedication done through work.
10. To concentrate at work would mean , not be concentrated on how much is solved rather than on how more it is left to do.
11. I always feel to whoever i am close or i think iam close , whenever something happens to them , i will know like the dolphin effect but it has proved beyond doubt that my system is not capable of as of now.
12. I do things better when i know that, things others do is not watching how better ithings are done by me. I find difficult to hide my face from what i feel.

MSN Messenger

There had been rumours lately about the possibility of MSN messenger being removed, I was told that it is because of child abuse and child predators online.

The children's Online Privacy protection Act was signed on 1998 and was effective 2000. The Privacy act is for those web hosters who have their sites for children under 13 and who collect personal information about children or if there is a generic website where specifically you know of cases where children under 13 are engaged then the Privacy protection act becomes effective to those sites and people who own them.

1. This law is only within US , not a common law elsewhere in the world
2. So by this law we can have only american citizens or whoever is in america and misusing this act arrested.
3. MSN messenger is used by everyone all over the world and it is free. Charging for MSN for all users would virtually narrow down the numbers to western world .
4. Messenger alone cannot be banned without banning hotmal as they are closely interlinked
5. If both MSN and hotmail therefore are removed as free service , Yahoo, AOL its competitor in the web world would gain more access and power as a portal and as a free service giant, which MSN would not like.
6. If MSN chat is closing down , one good thing would be it could be a growing precedent by yahoo too soon follow or yahoo would exploit and become more popular with its already famous chat rooms.

7. Many will move to other Providers as they would have lost a major list of chat mates already.
8. MSN chat rooms can be closed but not messenger , for they dont acheive anything closing MSN messenger , there is yahoo chat , ICQ and IRC and so many free services which would become popular
9. I dont see any reason Microsoft would shut down MSN messenger having gone with recent newer versions of MSN messenger.
10. huff1 finally i read in CNN that microsoft will only close chat rooms and not messengers or hotmail.
You can customize the webpage to be shown in Google Search results by going to the following link GOOGLE Search My Site Preview Page