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A fresh New Year

To live in the Now and Here

A chance to right some wrongs

To make life an Happy Song



Mind over 'Matter of Choice'

Modern man has exercised his freedom of choice to his reltionship, family, community and country

Self Assertion over Integration
Connectedness over Closeness
Analysis over Synthesis
Materialism over Metaphysics
Rational Kowledge over Intuitive Wisdom
Competition over Cooperation
Exapnsion over Conservation
Sensationalism over Sensitivity
Political Sepratism over Unitedness
Groupism over Religion
Superficial Versatility over Perfection and Prfoundity
Criticism over Creativity
Fanatism over Facts
Cheap Labor over Oppurtunity
Corruption over Productivity
Scientific Mind over Cultural tradition
Internet over Outside World
Country over Mankind
Indeterminism over Right Choices

Is Freedom having choices? Can choices be sometimes an escape door? Escape from facing or understanding a given situation or circumstance? Are choices created because of likes and dislikes? Does choice help you understand a problem or it gives you a temporary outlet out of the problem, leaving to be encountered again but yet again without preparation? Can you forever build a tunnel of choices and live underground without being exposed ? Can you always exercise choice?is birth, death, parents and place of birth a matter of choice?

Choice is a mental exercise, living dynamicaly is living , living by always choosing is surviving.