My Poetry, Philosophy, Thoughts and Ideas.


Heart that Sails

life's circumstances could have drifted the boats apart
but these boats know nothing but love as they depart
one of them has repressed the other's heart to share
the other still communicates through the undercurrent, unaware
there could be many a boat in life's river
but to each the connection is unique and forever
whether be anchored or set in motion sailing
they never forget their divine connection and its blessing


Love Again!

What heart longs always may not be what the mind wants
In the corner of my eye is a tear about to drop, learning this truth.
With love there are neither rules nor any outcomes
there is only the seed of experience and the fruit of growth
more there is love , deeper is the individual spiritual experience
closer is one to himself and helpless in it he surrenders
in love I always saw the spark of the divine in the other
that day I knew my pilgrimage has already begun,
seldom till then I realized, that I was amidst the extraordinary
these moments will never come back but can never exist without me
the miracles of life come unexpected and sometimes leaves such
living in those magic moments fills the rest of life with those memories
without love yesterday, today and tomorrow is but a repetition
dwelled in it, no single moment is same as the other
yes I realize now in love I lived moment by moment in the present
my fears and limitations were but only passing distractions
there could always have been a more joyful past or a better present
but I cannot dream a single day without this love and its energy
those never ending moments have their own highs and lows
but I ask in love’s clock , can the smaller or the bigger needles be any less
Oh Yes! Seemingly different I am in words , in speech and in person
But is the world unreal I ask because there is day, twilight and night?


Search for my Beloved

Even the night does sleep at dawn
Not the heart with love that longs.
Alert and Aware in its silence song
Wondering & worrying what would go wrong
In love’s lap, daily I coil and sleep
Hoping its chamber, in me I would keep
In search of beloved, in dreams I would leap
Only to wakeup and find myself weep