My Poetry, Philosophy, Thoughts and Ideas.


The Union

Where is love
If the ‘I’ has not disappeared still?
Where is beloved
If we cannot find it inside one's heart
Where is courtship
if the heart and mind is not married in oneself
Where is the need for marriage
If we are not in wedlock with divine
Where is divine
If not in you and as yourself


Artful Life

Art comes from not obsession but passion.
Poetry is one of its multifaceted expressions
And the artist himself is its everflowing inspiration.
improvization is its tool sculpted in spontaneity
which transcends definitiveness and certainity
from the self created 'reality' of safety
to a state of experiencing the 'now' in totality
Imagination becomes the art of the mind
Love, the art of the Hearts
Truth, the art of the inner being
Happiness, as art of this blessed life



If I had been that dry sultry air
I came looking for your wisdom’s moisture
If I had been that fierce self destructive wind
I came to thee land to calm and die down
If I have become this very pleasant breeze
I came from thy sea of love that made me warm
If I am still that ever fresh zephyr
I come again and again to kiss your beauty

From my garden of words arises the flower of poetry,
every single day blessed and kissed by the divine light
the birds of love and wisdom in threrein they flock
to bless and thank the beauty in us that forgot