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I opened my eyes, you were born

I opened my mind, you became alive

I opened my heart , you became immortal

When I opened my love, you became my being

who are you?

I have crossed many a mile to be closer with you

fought the greatest odds,won my deepest fears,

finally when i am here and now with you

in this love, dont know who is I or you

Khalil Gibran

It is wrong to think
that love comes from long term companionship
and persevering courtship.
Love is an offspring of spiritual affinity
and unless that affinity is created in a moment
it cannot be created for years or generations


Who am i?

Iam that doubt , for you to trust
Iam that longing, for you to be with
Iam that desire , for you to wish
Iam that heart , for you to love
Iam that I , without you


love's (K)NOT

i would give myself for you not you from my heart

i would be ready to live life apart not as two hearts apart

i would like this art to move inside me not as a frozen and framed craft

i would wish to fall in love not love to fall apart



Firefly flies, lighting lives

spreading the skies, with her wings so wise

Eternally glowing in wisdom

lighting the darkest of minds

Love as light, her only true kingdom

Torches the souls of entire mankind

Firefly will you come only at night

been waiting all day, lamenting my plight

give me your hand , carry me to the sun

lets leave behind our worries, and start to have fun

neither I have to be down nor you alone

know you’re my only honeybee, and I am the drone

firefly don’t be hurt, when I tied your wings

it was overwhelming love that made me string

carry me high in thy upswing

let’s forget the past and rest those things

its time for flowers to dance in spring

so lets lit the sky, dance too and sing

firefly your very flame is your fame

there aren’t words to describe it with a name

I never understood nature’s game

until i saw you, oh beautiful dame!