My Poetry, Philosophy, Thoughts and Ideas.


Atma Jnana

in the nature of samsara
everything is but anitya
experiencing this tattva
is the essence of Nirvana

this world born of avidya
gives birth to sukha & dukha
meditating on this maya
is the practice of Jnana

the flame of ahankaara
fading amidst the wind of atmagnana
spreads the fragrance of ananda
in the path of dhyana

vishnu, brahma or iishvara
dwelling as eternal antah atma
without a second manifested as jiva
is supreme knowledge of vedanta



To see cause of action (ending)
To see arising of action (present)
To see cessation of action (begining)
To be in this moment (truth)

To see oppurtunity in suffering (sadhana)
To see body as non self (illusion)
To see mind in movement (thoughts)
To be observer in doer (meditation)

to see permanence in impermanence (self)
to see impermanence in permanence (world)
to see inaction in action (wisdom)
to see action in inaction (rishi)


Ending Movement

Mysteriously bound is the mind
in physical phenomenon of reality that blinds
incessant and momentous in its pereverance
pursues the dream of desire in all its appearance

in castles of expectation are its actions built
with inevitable walls of disappointments silts
it learns to lurk,label, love and long
but never a moment to be in stillness and calm

Constantly in search, for happiness & peace
not knowing the very wanting doesnt give release,
in the never ending cycle we continue to blossom, thus whither
amidst seldom unborn ever shining inlooker


Pathlessness to Happiness

in wanting to be happy
happiness is lost in wanting
in doing to be happy
happines is lost in doing
in becoming to be happy
happiness is lost in becoming
in just being happy
is happiness, found in one's being


The Present

In contact with senses, in each moment
Arises the myriad objects in accrument
To name, To identify, is mind’s excitement
In the path that leads to self indictment

From stillness, that springs each moment
Arises the form, from formless incitement
To be, Or not to be, remains the predicament
As long as transcendence remains an adjournment

In flicker of hope, is each moment
lies wisdom's treasure in confinement
To see, to observe, I's absentment
is the path that leads to self-enlightenment