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Mr Consciousness

Extract from sage Vashista teachings to Lord Rama from book "Vashishta's Yoga"

"The world appearance abides in the mind, even as there is space within the pot; if the pot is broken the illusionary division of space vanishes.if mind ceases, the concept of world within mind ceases. As an insect trapped within the pot is freed, so is liberation when mind ceases to be from world illusion.

The Universe has surely come into being without any valid cause or its creation: how can one accept the truth of creation which has no cause or purpose? From time immemorial, all these energies have been inherent in the cosmic being, even as pots are forever inherent in a clay.

Even Oceans existed in past, present and future as ocean and water temporarily assumes the form of a wave , all this is forever the cosmic being at all times. It is only a fool that entertains a feeling "This Iam" in relation to the temporary transient appearance known as the body.

Similary mind was consciousness in the beginning and will be so in the end (its transient association to the illusionary if removed), why it is then called differently in the now?"

Consciousness has no relationships as in its manifestation duality ceases to exist. Mind has so many relatinships but ultimately many names given to his only friend called Illusion. The relationship betweeon consciousness and mind is explained beautifully by Sage Vashishta as "When consciousness realises itself and abandons its self limiting mental condition, mind is freed and rests as consciousness". Vashista says that is true Identity without its I.


Sacred Dance

photograph of my current mind state whose color is NOW.

A seekers timeline
to perfection & advancement
depends among many factors
perseverance, hard work, commitment
skill, understanding, intuitiveness
but most importantly a heart
that longs and desires
for the highest , that is love
one ought to find. One ought to keep.
As another day comes up
the receding failures
the growing awareness
the interconnected guilt
forms a never ending
karmic cycle of confusion
but the will of assurance
the momentary realizations
the joy of self discovery
keeps love’s altar bright.
World is full of such hearts
each driving their wheel,
the chariots of mind
leading in some,
following in rest.
But there comes a point
of union along the journey
tethered by the qualities of
the sublime sacred spirit
that holds abreast
the momentum of timeless love
in the land of our hearts
in whose vastness & power
the flower smiles at sun
the seed expands to a tree
the sky stretches to infinity
mountains encompass valleys
longing grows in a lover
and each such moment into eons
this movement becomes
the sacred dance
in our hearts.


Oppurtunities in Present

cessation of thought
in sudden danger
momentarily brings you to the present
this is reflexive

dullness of mind
leading to boredom
momentarily brings you to the present
this is reactive

feeling of pain
distracting the distractions
momentarily brings you to the present
this is impulsive

concentration of mind
focussed in awarenes
alone potentialy can sustain in the present
this is meditative


Thinking Clearly

Listening is something we all practice all the time but seldom against each other.

Listening to one's own mind, its ambitions, its miseries, its desires, its moods, its needs is pretty well practiced to the extent that it intoxicates oneself to a point where he loses awareness of everything around him and becomes a preocuppied prisoner of the bells and whistles of his own thoughts.

Listening to the other is greatly hampered because for a preoccupied mind, for a mind who is accustomed to narrow thinking , or thinking only of a particular pattern, to a mind which is biased, a mind which is of prejudiced or mind who is anxious all the time of a result or an outcome , it embraces and listens only to what it wants to hear and discards everything else.

A mind thus concerned all the time of a futuristic outcome not just grows anxious, but from it the possibility of a creative thinking cannot arise . There is thus no spontaneity without it and thus mind acts and behaves in the same pattern and reacts to ever changing circumstances from a past stance with memories , like a pre programmed mechanied being.

The very act of pursuit whether be a job, or money or lover or fame if it does not give joy, the end result irrespective of success or failure may nto result in happiness. Success is not a moment but it is a continuation of an event and a feeling of looking back from that point to where and how it all began.

A thinking which cannot think about itself lacks intelligence and hence lacks the qualities of self correction, quest, creativity and more of all the mumukshatva for the soul.


Death to Birth

everything which is born, meets its death
money, fame, power & position
alone is believed to be worth
this has been imparted to you
since childhood as your lacking dearth
its time to stop waiting to be told & find
alert, alive and awareness are only virtues of mirth
live again and again in such moment
death meets itself in every such birth


Shining clouds

pride not humility
are like passing clouds
virtues not vice
is what is to be proud
charity not possesion
when rains from these clouds
love not hate
in our hearts is ploughed
smile not frown
like the sun had vowed
win not lose
in this game unbowed


Fear & Harmony

civilization for thousands of years
have fought its wars out of fears
the music of our hearts
surrendered to
the dances of our thoughts
the wisdom of the self
surrendered to
the dangers of oneself
the inner soul flames
surrendered to
the evil mind's games

Fight Not & Fear not
but live in harmony like the
day unafraid of its night
glowing candle unafraid of its life
NOW unafraid to become the past
birth tirelessly meeting death
nature unperturbed by calamities
as salt dissolves in water
so does fear in the SELF


War of the Enlightened

The ruthless barbaric communist occupation of Tibet by China completed in 1951 when South Asia just became independent from the British. No country is bold enough to take head on against this superpower, all diplomatic efforts have also failed and nobody seems to stand for Tibetians to fight in the UN, it is like a mystical land in future would become a mythical land.

Shambala is a mythical kingdom hidden inside the snow clad mountains of nothern Tibet. It is said to hold the most secret and greatest of buddhist teachings. One of them known as kala(time)chakra(cycle) or Wheel of time. Kalachakra is a prophecy where it is said in the future when barbarians will conquer and destroy buddhism everywhere, there would however be but one place in Tibet, where will be born an enlightenend king who will emerge from Shamabala to defeat the forces of the evil and establish a golden era of peace and live the ancient teachings.Khembalungs is one of the bayuls or secret valleys which can serve as a refuge at times of crisis sand turmoil.

Aauthority and power cannot dissolve rich tradition and culture founded from highest principles of truth and of universe. Whether or not such a king would emerge , China is sure to be disintegrated from its auhtoritative communism into independent breakaways by their own Tinnamen Warriors some day.



While talking about the miracles of Jesus Christ on the topic of Holy Food (Bread and Wine), transubstantiation refers to the spiritualized energization of how the bread and wine changes from having its materialistic properties changed to Lords Body and Blood given to the believers of faith as spiritual redeeming nourishment under the appearance of earthly food. There is no perceptibility for the senses either in look or taste but believed to be a part of Christ who "substantially" fills the food or the word transubstantiation.

Whether it is a matter of faith, belief, myth or concept the fact remains that food is sacred and as in Eastern thoughts, a blessed food or 'prasad' is treated holy to nourish the mortal body and the action to the immortal soul in a sense of purification and grace.

The hindu revearance to food is performed by the act of taking five small hand quantities of food and places next to bannana leaf or plate symbolizing

1. Divine forces for their protection and grace
2. for the forefathers and their lineage and tradition imparted to us
3. for the sages who have handed over the divine wisdom through time
4, for the living things which serve as food through the food chain of interdependence


Her Eyes

Beyond the words
at silence depths
your eyes speaks
thy infinite wisdom
a voice undying
timeless & ethereal
truth so undefying
tranquil and mystical
experience of epiphany
ecstacy & harmony
can anything describe
these eclectic vibes
my soul unspun
its sins undone
piercing the bliss
liberation thy kiss


The Dark Shark

our shadows are always dark
they do not reflect but hide
slow or faster, follows you like shark
waiting to strike, like a tsunami tide
more you try control, further it runs
only way out, is to befriend as one
the enduring soul, sees beyond the hidden
thorugh its wisdom light, the shdaow gets ridden
inside mind's palaces of guilt
it manifests as thoughts
lets rid of those fears inbuilt
if not HIS kingdom cant last


Around the earth by Car

Earth's circumference around the equator is determined as 24, 902.4 miles roughly around 230 BC by the Greek historian and librarian of Alexandria, Eratosthenes .

If the circumference of earth was covered by land around the equator, then to travel around the earth would take the following calculation

assuming you travel at 50 mph and travel 12 hours daily , the total distance you could cover is 600 miles. It would take 41.50 days or roughly a month and 10 days to circumvent the earth.

Which is almost half of what Jules verne envisioned in Around the World in 80 days. It would only take a mere 25 mph drive to cover the world by car in 80 days.

I have personally travelled more than 600 miles a day for two consecutive days and this is very much possible to be acheived by most of us.

if the same distance were to be covered in a single day, it would require a vehicle which can do just more than 2000 mph (1037) and a drive continuously for 12 hours, which can be done only by MACH 3 vehicles (MACH 3 is three times the speed of sound).

Imagine the speedometers for such a car would read not between 10 to120 but would read twenty times more as 200 to 2400 mph in the dashboard. That brings us an interesting question of the speed of the car used in the Back to the Future movies.

This MACH 3 speed was acheived not in land but in air by the first flight, faster than three times the speed of sound occurred on 27 September 1956. The aircraft was the Bell X-2 and the pilot was Captain Milburn Apt at speed of 2094 mph.

The current aircraft speed is Mach 10 (ten times the speed of sound) acheived in Nov 2004.
The speed would be roughly 6800 mph and thus you can circumvent the earth roughly in 3.6 hours.

Art of War

A calm, peaceful, quiet, non violent mind of a sage is equally a powerful weapon which can spring forth an equally powerful action that eventhough looks empty and dull to an onlooker at first, possess in it the truth more powerful than guns and the underlying intellect sharper than a twin edged sword which wages the war of silence.

War requires Tactics
Peace requires Strategy
Victory requires Determination
Defeat requires Weakness
Freedom requires Pride

behind every perceivable action lies an equal synergetic intellectual aspect which acts as a driver for it to be a success.

Arthashastra of Chanakya
Bingfa of Sun Tzu
Mahabaratha of Krishna
The Prince of Machiavelli


Koans of Vedanta

Koan means a statment to cause spiritual awakening or insight in Zen Buddhism but had persisted even before in Indian scriptures.

Koans remind us the futility of intellectual pursuit and its limitations.

Koan is neither a riddle or a wise remark but it teases the mind with a doubt , injects the thinker with illogic and paralyses the intellect but yet pushes the self beyond these conventional limits of underrstanding and kindles a deep awakening within.

Koan is a contradiction, it is non conceptualization, it is something to be surpassed, like a ladder which is used and kicked out when it is not needed and forgetting you used one to climb up.

Koan induces the absolute experience of being in the now and being aware of the subtle truth of every action and living to understand ourseleves better.

The idea of Koan is to break every aspect of Non Duality, thus every ratioal approach of cause and effect, good and bad, right and wrong, real and false is duality and division and cant be the truth which is beyond these and thereby beyond the intellectual process of reasoning, is infact its essence.

"[Atman] though sitting still travels far. though lying down goes everywhere" - katha Upanishad.

" In the Ocean of Absolute Bliss what is there to be accepted or rejected, what else is there other than self, what is distinct from it ?" - Vivekachudamini of Shankara

"Iam the goal, Iam the support.
Iam the worship, Iam the sacrifice
Iam the Lord, Iam the witness
Iam the source, Iam the refuge
Iam the origin, Iam the disollution
Iam immortality, Iam the perishable"

from different passages of Bhagvad Gita by krishna

"Atman, smaller than the small, greater than the great, is hidden in the hearts of all living creatures" - Katha Upanishad

"What is here, the same is there and what is there, the same is here" - Katha


when i think of gandhi and his movement

easlier to admire than follow
easier to believe than act
easier to ignore than imitate
easier to forget than remember
easier to criticize than reason

your life is your experience
your action is your experimentation
your widsom is your choice
your salvation is your truth

The man himself never won any nobel prize , but won the hearts of million and the midnight prize of 14 AUg 1947.

However in 1983 the US academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences awarded a total of 8 OScars to Richard Attenborough Gandhi, must to the dismay and disappointment of the world best director Steven Speilberg's ET which lost the Academy Awards.



Money is a visible quantifiable earthly force, similar to supra natural force a sadhak or a practioner can attain. It is quite simpler than ever before to to acquire wealth in the right ways in this age, all it requires is to possess and demonstrate exceptional knowledge, idea , skill or talent in any area of choosing, provided there is beyond desire, will and passion something called luck and right oppurtunity which plays a part to certain degree to help acheive it.

Many spiritual disciplines restrict man to think that accumulation of money is evil but that is not true for someone who know how to earn and also use it in the right ways. It is a powerful karmic energy which can uplift communities , nations and continents beyond mundane suffering and direct the poor in right ways without easily being astrayed to crime, disease and corruption.

Ascetic thinking of renunciation as practiced in certain cultures nor the possession and accumulation of wealth for primary self gratification and self indulgence taps this divine power but the balance in between as trustees not possessors of wealth, that makes the difference.

Money like Power easily tempts the ego to misuse it but yet if possessed in balanced quantities is a harmonious power which can creatively change the environement around. The ideal practioner of the discipline even if he ahs to forego his wealth due to unavoidale circumstances and situatios does not disturb the inner peace in him nor even in his heights of possession becomes indulgent in evil habits the richness creates.

Europe and America joining together to pay the debt of African nations is highly praiseworthy action but moving forward instead of giving fish, can teach them fishing.

A dollar is not value but a representative iof value and at last of moral values. - Emerson


Recurring T's

Truth - Recurring theme
Triumph - Recurring attempts
Temptations - Recurring choice
Trust - Recurring confidence
Trials - Recurreing tests
Theory - Recurring principles
Time - Recurring Reality