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The Hypocricy

Spiritual need is like any other need for most of the hindus, just like sex, money, family status etc.

Among them, this also comes and goes, but why we value it atleast for namesake high? Because we think of it only during distress, whereas most of the others not are when they are happy or want to be happy thru it. This sadness makes it unforgettable and profound to remember and spiritual quest is approached as a last resort after all other avenues are closed or before we give up.

When treatment to God or gods is itself purely based on a need basis, why would anyone care to uphold any heritage, let alone vedic heritage?

Frankly we only know some god names, even mythological stories we don’t know (forget having heard of words like Upanishads and brahmaSutras) but we will mock with the freedom of religious expression in movies, newspapaer cartoons but will object to westerners designing the image of Ganesh in floor mats. We own the exclusive right to mock our gods, who we can occassionaly choose to respect when someone else try to tarnish.

Most of Indians working or living in America don’t know about its historical heritage and have read only school history in glorification of mughal rulers (such is the accommodation of Indians)who literally raped and massacred thousands of hindus for 10 centuries, much much worse than jewish holocaust.

When hindus couldn’t stop aggression and conversion by force, by missionaries, and voluntary religious conversion by other hindus all throughout its history, why would the retired coffee speaking patio newsreader even bother about a single individual? The active office going middle age worker has enough problems to deal with his family wife and kids, the youth is brainwashed by these same elders to mechanically repeat the same thing over and over again.

When we have forgotten Aurobindo but remember Akbar it does say something. Indians were always free society (women obviously in the society however is an exception, the hypocritical nature of worshipping goddess but eve teasing woman would repel any westerner). Eventhough India is a land of saints and time and again in its soil blossomed so many profound thinkers, there is a startling contrast of the majority of hindus who were fed with only mythology as truth ( so its understandable why we have ganesh as traffic policeman in middle of roads in street temples blocking traffic).

This hypocricy has neither made the country like west looking for better economy through materialism, nor it has absorbed the profundity of the sages and thus what is sedimented is hypocricy, reflected in most of the actions. There should not be any caste but reservations based on caste will continue indefinitely, Gandhi saw non violence in Mahabharata not how to act on adharma and rallied the nation, practicing the phenomenon of untouchability while speaking in the stage about universal consciousness, sati as a ritual practice offering while worshipping many goddesses, obedient sons to their mothers who learnt respect to only eve tease on the bus stops and roads, Kashmir has only affected muslims but not thousands of kashmiri pundits who are refugees in their own country… Yes every society and country will have something similar, so arguing by the same point why Indians should be different?

You can organize an appeal not a revolution among ignorants. India becoming a global and economic power is what its concentration is all about, hermitage being the heritage will be a good topic for western researchers like Max Muller, Weitzel to preserve Sanskrit and Indus valley, it is safe in their hands and is more safe not in Indians.


Darkness to Light - By SRK

Darkness to Light

I was growing a tree called division
Which grew wild blinding my vision

Never allowing my eyes to see the light
It was swallowing my energy with might

I wallowed under its shade without delight
In sorrow and despair with bouts of fright

And then came the season when the leaves had to fall
And the light came inside and that was the call

New leaves sprouted and now it was birth of spring
The leaves being tender and the light always pouring

The tree became mild and it could never become wild
Bathed in the wisdom light it became God's child.

Kaivalya NavaNeeta (Cream of Emancipation)

Kaivaya Navaneeta was written some 500 years ago by sage Tandavaraya Swami and is written in a form of Dialogue between Disciple and Master form.

"A man who has forgotten where he left his things in the house canot recover them by weeping even for a hundred years. But he will get them only if he thinks the matter over and finds out. The Self is realised directly by KNowledge which destorys forgetfullness (ignroance), the root cause of misery, but it cannot be realised by any amount of just hard work, though extended over several aeons."

Master continus to say this ignorance is dispelled only by knowledge and that too gained from direct experience by sighting the following story

"Ten menforded a stream and on reaching the other shore, each of them counted to ensure no one was left behind. Each of them counted nine others and omitted to count himself:.

"Ignorance is want of right understanding wich causes confusion.
The illusion is ' tenth man missing and not to be found'
Grief at the loss of the tenth man is Vikhepa
TO heed to the words of a sympatheic pass-by who says 'tenth man is among you' is indirect knowledge.
The sympathetic passer by is the Guru.
When the passer by further makes one of them count he others and points to the teller as the tenth man , the discovery of oneself as the missing tenth man is direct experience.
Cessation of grief for the loss of tenth man is freedom.
The joy of indubitable ascertainment is Supreme Bliss."


When you do , Then you know

When you are lost in love, you treasure every moment

When you forget yourself, you’re alive

When you live vulnerable, you’re truly adaptive

When you don’t resist, you live in reality


A Tsunami of Tears

Mamma Pappa where are you!
Our house and pets I no longer see
Crying everyday I think of you
Missing sister I could hardly be
Many a children, around me I see
Everywhere around, dirt and debris
Weeping and Sobbing, Searching and Lost
Many Brothers and sisters alike a lot
Strangers Strangers everywhere
People running and shouting here and there
I am afraid & lost amidst this somewhere
still not able to understand or be aware
Mamma! Mamma!
promise you will come soon
as am drowing myself in tears of dune

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you and I share a secret
that no one else would know
you are my dear own baby
for i cared to see you grow
you were my only faithful friend
even when others would come and go
you will always be in my heart
like an everlit candle that glows

Life seems to be more than love
for my love cannot save you
Life seems to be more than memory
for i want you but not in memories
Life seems to be more than tears
for i know it will not bring you back
Life seems to be about everything
that you and me shared

you wanted me, more than I, when we met
i want you more now when we part
we are all called one by one
it was just your time first to run
you took the strength to follow me
it is time to give back and set you free

I will be there, till the very last
beyond heaven and earth, our love is vast
a part of me, having you lost
will remain a vaccum unfilled, of the past
time will heal, what i feel
tears will veil, what truly i conceal

I remember our walks, i remember our plays
I remember our good time , and those lovely days
how much i love you, can you hear me say?
it is diffult to say goodbye and part our ways
I knew someday, I have to face this test
I also knew then, i will do my best
A part of you , A part of me,
will cease to seperate but live inside me

The vacant floor
The silent voice
The unused mat
The empty dish
every morning it will remind me of you
every such reminder a joyous movement
a movement of love within, about you
which will and continue to be, till my very own end