My Poetry, Philosophy, Thoughts and Ideas.


Drums of Joy

the ensuing drama is a pastime , enjoy while it lasts
the tears are a divine flowing , enjoy let it come
the sadness is but divine longing, enjoy live's toast
the suffering will reveal yourself, embrace so you become

takeplaing your dreams to the beat of dancing staff
mind's noise dissolves in it slowly and steadily
in utter such peace you hear yourself laugh
with a joy and madness that is so fulfilling & lively

this moment becomes you, no longer it is stolen
wealthy in abundance in fullfilment of wisdom
poor of ego's hurt, happines is swollen
lost and drown in oneness of god's kingdom

evrything you possess no longer do you own
surrender you become, not in preparation but time
everything you learnt, is meaningless and thrown
sacrifice you live, attuned to heavenly dance chimes.



Fold the corners of your mind into your heart
And make planes of happiness that flies without any strings
Let the divine wind carry you through life effortlessly
Expand your love as heart’s wings to be happy & alive
Flutter and dance in the sky with the gorgeous wings O Butterfly!
Flap your wings and keep this dance going ,
while my heart in silence is in stillness and smiling


Dance of Love

my dance is based on the tone of my heartbeat
how can I say?, my heart often dies in longing
while my pen keeps refusing to write my story
the world of dance is but a journey that you have accepted
which when ends, it all seems to begin ,
but when you begin it all seems to end

Man is like a weightless object wandering in the daily waves of life
O Mind Knowing and having known, don’t you worry
The beat has not missed, nor is it a mistake of anyone
final destination is how far my legs can take

you flew away from me forgetting our old notes
and my eyes are burdened crying all night all along
this should all be but a secret drama
and I am like a boat swayed hither and there by the waves
Feelings are not a SIN , nor have I any anger towards life
Love simply did not Love me


Another Day

Another day passes, another one begins
Life again unravels its most mysterious lessons
Another day passes, another one begins
Ever changing in me, is nature's dynamic vision
Another day passes another one begins
We lose something, to learn what is it to win
Another day passes another day begins
Memories get churned in everyday's spin
Another day passes, another one begins
Love inside only grows more deep within
Another day passes, another one begins
in each of it moment lies the truth hidden


O Divine Goddess Shakti!

Days, Months and Years would pass by
Amidst joy, sorrow, growth, life challenges
You would continue to remind me of my innocent youth
By your resplendent smile and incessant joy of laughter
You would continue to strengthen my resolve amidst life’ challenges
By having strived through insurmountable challenges of past lives
You would continue to smilingly remind me of my lost love & only love
By illuminating my mind of the divine love that is abundant within us
You would continue to make me introspectively reflect of past
By reminding me of the present moment and anchor in awareness
You would still communicate everyday eventhough distant
By sending your thoughts and prayers through the sun, stars and moon
You would continue to ignite my inner fire for growth and realization
By embracing my soul and kissing my fears and pains goodbye
You would continue to remind me of my limitations, regrets and weakness
By showing they don’t belong to your divine self and they are not me
You would continue to make me cry , break and shed tears
By showing how blessed I am to have known and connected with you
You would make me feel helpless, longing and anxious
By asking me to wait in another reincarnation, yet another birth
You would make me cherish and make me feel the most gifted person
By living inside my heart and mind till the very end as glowing wisdom
You would make me see beyond vastness and voidness
By making me understand both from what I lost and what I have
You would make me see beyond forms, labels and words
By bringing the reality of who we are behind the curtain of fantasy and dreams


There it is

There lurks a hidden fire in all of us
Where we feel safe to experience at a distance
For going deeper we feel it is all consuming
Like the spirit of quest, so indeed the fire of love.

There springs an incessant joy in all of us
Where we feel the fear to lose it any moment
For going deeper we feel it is unselfishly all giving
Like the grace of God , so indeed the sprouts of love

There lives a sleepless spirit in all of us
Where we feel the presence when the mind quietens
For going deeper we lose the sense of individuality
Like the form to energy, so indeed man to love


A friendships Farewell

Beside your divinity I want to dwell
Entrapped and caught in your energy spell
Again and again in love I fell
to praise , pray and wish you well
I long to commune with my every cell
My feelings and experiences, endless to tell
If the day would come, for you to ring that bell
I wish am long gone, so not to hear, ‘friendships farewell’


Earthly Divine

In the spontaneous outpour of heartfelt poems
I don’t claim to have transcended beyond words

In the realm of our mysterious connection
I don’t claim to have transcended beyond senses

In the glory of our blessed spirits
I don’t claim to be strong & beyond emotions

But If in your heart I have left a thirst
Don’t quench it with delusions of the mind

But If in your being I have a place
Don’t prevent a deeper experience

But if in your love I can partake
Let’s dare, dive and dissolve


Divine Reality

Reality is like the all consuming ocean
Where its lessons are waves of incessant motion
Sways in it, mind’s boat with unanchored emotions
Creating its own whirlpool of suffering in illusion

Ocean of reality is but an island, surrounded by land of love
It disappears when it meets the horizon of truth above
When reality is lost, then divine appears thereof
To all its creation and in beauty to belove

Spiritual Love

searched and searched for myself
And found answers of me nowhere but in you
I dream, I pray, I wish
To share, communicate and be near you
In my dreams, thoughts, values and virtues
You are but an inseparable part
In my journey, I searched many a path
But in the end, all but leads to spiritual love