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The Karmas

The concept of Karma of a human being could be better defined as inherent born law of consequences or results of actions produced in the complexily and dynamically evolving cause-effect matrix which inter wovens and inturn affects or effects reactions, that ripens in fruition of time either in the immedate present or as a resultant of the past in he now or for the actions of present in future.
Karma can be viewed as an autonomous operating justice system created before or after the very creation, so it operates in logic and self sustaining in supervision and operation without any bias towards any form of creation.

There are four categories of karmas

1. Sanchita Karma
2. Prarbdha Karma
3. Kriyamana Karma
4. Agama Karma
Sanchita Karma
The karma acculumated or stocked from the past of a being due to his or her actions. Some of these actions are performed knowingly and other are performed unconsciously. When the times of its fruition arises the conscious actions of the past would be reflected in the present, some of which would rationally be understood by the mind as a result of past actions but those which you have no explanantion are the unconscious acts of the past. The actions you take to handle the present situation \ circumstances or challenges would inturn result in further karmic accumulation. By this way the cyclic creation is sustained and self regulated leading to reincarnations or the birth-death cycles.
Prarbdha Karma
Not all of Sanchita Karma of the past is experienced by the being in the current lifetime. Only portions of Sanchita karma which has ripened are experienced in the current life creating one's destiny or fate called Prarbdha Karma. As Prarbdha karma acts, depending upon the actions produced it may result in further accumulation of Sanchita Karma.
Kriyamana Karma
The power to use free will to change the effects of Sanchita Karma and Prarbdha Karma either by right thinking or action or both is kriyamana Karma. Instead of merely being instruments of a pre set state, this results in dynamism and self power to change the actions of the past by an equivalent and appropriate right action of the present.
Agama Karma
The futuristic ideas \ thoughts \ insights\ planned or envisioned or comtemplated gives rise to set of actions and that is termed as Agama Karma.

The dynamic dance of fate and free will, between destiny and determined is the interaction between Sanchita and Prarbdha on one side and Kriyamana and Agama on the counter effective. Depending upon the efforts and energy put into the the latter two, it determines the quality of life and the effects of what destiny or fate can have on you and your surrondings.


The Grahas

The ancient system of Indian or Vedic astrology was called in sanskrit as Jyotish. It stems from two root words Jyoti (means light) and Isha means God, thus meaning seeing the Light of past present and future through the eyes of God. Any astrological prediction is bound by space and time, for there is always a constant change in the state of living and non living things with respect to time and that being influenced more or less , to the positive or negative , to the likes or dislikes of the living entity depedening upon the place and position of the natural forces (magnetic and gravitational in nature- exhibited by Planets.) that act upon. The closest english translation to sanskrit term Grahas is planets.

The philosophies, divinations and practices are all closely interlinked as a holistic system of thought in ancient India to answer the fundamental questions of who we are and why things happen the way it does and where do we go. Hence Astrology is closely interlinked with other schools of thought like Sankyas, yogas and Karmas.

Grahas are believed t0 be the the executing agents of Karma, which rewards or punishes for the actions done at the present or at the past by creating situations or circumstances by which you will be subjected to undergo the return. There are totally 9 Grahas and their influence on the the being creates the oppurtunity to execute your karmas , which will facilitate continuous rebirth until no further accumulation of karma is possible. ( acheived through relinquishment of desire and by enlightenment , not merely understadning the principle)

Human Body is composed of many layer of Sheaths or Kosas according to Taitriya Upanishad.

1. Annamaya Kosa (made of food and intakes)
2. Pranyama Kosa (made of air or prana - the vital force)
3. Manomaya Kosa (made of mind or manas)
4. Vijnanamaya Kosa (made of knowledge & wisdom )
5. Anandamaya Kosa (made of bliss)

The Grahas influence first the Manomaya Kosa and the Karmas dormantly stored of previous life times comes into fruition and ignites the Manomaya or the mind where you hold the concept, ideologies, philosophies and ideas of you and everything else. The mind is the most vulnerable part of the human being and the influence results in directing the Pranayama vital force sheath which helps and energises the being for the participation \ preparation \ or involvement to fullfill his Karma. The energization results in the Annamaya Sheath or the physical body performing or avoiding / participating or resisting in actions and events directed by one's mind. The Vijnanamaya or the Knowledge here refers to the Knowledge of the Self and depening upon how much you know through your experiences through many lives it determines the path to salvation and holds your individual karma of the lifetimes. The Anandamaya kosa is the final fruition of liberation which is unconditional bliss and is believed to hold the relative karma shared with one's family, relatives, friends, community, country.

Those nine grahas that determine your fate are

Sun (Surya)
Moon (Chandra)
Northern Lunar Node (Rahu)
Southern Lunar Node(Ketu)



You and Me came from HIM
Yet we fight, on religious whims

You and Me are from Earth
Yet we fight, on land of birth

You and Me are skin clothed humans
Yet we fight, as color loved daemons

You and Me livin modern cultures
Yet we fight & compete as vultures

You and Me are same when Born
Yet we fight, awaiting innocence gone

You and Me, are nature's grand symphony
Yet we fight, and strike dis-harmony

You and Me owe our selves to THEE
Yet we fight for nothing, dont you see?

Yet, You and Me, have no same face,
Yet nature's diversity is to Love & Embrace


Creation to Destruction & Beyond

the unfoldment of Universe from ONE is Srsti

the illusion it manifests as many is Vikrti

the unfoldment gave rise to Purusha(spirit) and (matter) Prakriti

this spectacle seen through love, is Bhakti

this truth is dormant and coiled as Kundalini Shakti

the ascent of which gives rise to intelligence, Buddhi

the end of unfoldment back to source, is Pralaya

Its rebirth is in the seed of consciousness, is chaitanya

the will of desire to continue the cycle is Bhukti

the liberation from this birth-death cycle is Mukti


The Uprising

the fight for an indpendent india took 90 years to acheive, the wakeup call was sung by its poets, kings, soldiers, merchants and common man and this is from one who tastes it today.

Let freedom reign the skies of every nation & mind
tire not fighting the restless days and anxious nights
to the warrior, even blade of grass is a knife

Let words become daggars, your looks fire
your obediance is their victory, your silence is your betrayal
to the strategist, every moment is his weapon

Let the waves rise, to awaken the ocean of courage within
Let the ground rise, to tremble every advancement of your enemy
to the patriot, his land not heaven is paradise

Let not your family shed tear for the blood you shed
let your sins be washed by blood and purified in your death
to the loved ones, the land and its men are their family

Let your minds ignite, not catridges, for this is power
your body is your armour, for it is the very land you're fighting to protect
to the wounded, pain is about overcoming not suffering

Let your flags and temple bells, dance and sing this freedom
clanging bells of elephants, horse footsteps seems to join the celeberation
to the victor, failure is not fatal nor final

Let deafening thunder from clouds & blinding flashes of lightning begin!
Sing the conch of your soul and beat the drums of your heart to victory
to the enemies, be both strength and stealth

good times are ahead, forget not the bad ones, so not to repeat
the stake of this war is not win or lose but your dignity
to the proud, you are about to make history

See the dream, stay in reality, sway between them
the moment is here, the mission is clear, you are it's men
to the glory, in praise is this written


Mangal Pandey - The Spirit of Revolution

Whatever way history may portray,
His revolution is still applicable today,
Be it myth or reality, eitherway
Had a message relevant, as if to say
'Colonialism cannot destroy nor dismay
Nor can culture and freedom, by force be taken away
Communalism cannot weaken or decay
the strength of nationalism, by division or betray'
The myth & legend of mangal
Is india’s first freedom struggle journal
Be it martyr or a foolhardy general
Its Irrelevant & inconsequential, to his fame eternal
Incited by an incident on mere catridge rifle
The mutiny of independence couldn’t be stifled
By killing his british officer he would imperil
& make Bharat remember, that 1857th April
One can take away his glory
cast him as history’s allegory
but the true power of democracy
as witnessed during 1857th mutiny
was a battle fought with a leaderless army
The strength of the nation grew in the death of its men, nearly 100 years since 1857, what started as violent movement for independent india was acheived through non violence finally by Gandhi. India's war of independence is a classic tale of how Revolutions are acheived through democratic strength and Freedoms are acheived through peaceful process as lived by the first and last freedom fighters of India. Mangal Pandey i believe was a choice not an accident, a man who decided to part his life to make British depart. Whats interesting is both Mangal Pandey and Gandhi created waves which gave rise to many more Mangal Pandeys but unfortunately only one Gandhi.


Badri - on Google Earth

Badrinath, the high altitude shrine and one of the centers of non dualistic philosophy started by Adi Sankara, as seen on Google Earth. I was named after my grandma visited the shrine all the way up in the himalayas. Also seen are Kailash the mythical abode of Shiva and other mountain names and shrines along the Nepal border which attracts trekkers and wandering yogis alike. CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE IT ENLARGED. Posted by Picasa


Control Management

Control Management is something which Project management does not generally talk about, but deals into scientific methods of cost , time, procurement , quality, process, but what about the people who is behind all this?

Prior to this excerpt, Covey talks about how people at home and work are still treated as if in Industrial age (where machines do most of the part or people work like machines more of labor than having a need to use their mind) rather than in Knowledge era.

”They (We) have consented perhaps unconsciously, to being controlled like a thing. Even if they perceive a need they don’t take the initiative to act. They wait to be told what to do by the person in the formal title and act as directed. Consequently they blame the formal leader when things go wrong and give him or her credit when things go well. They are thanked for their “cooperation & support”. The more a manager controls, the more he or she evokes a behavior that necessitates greater control or managing. The culture that develops is eventually institutionalized to a point that no one takes responsibility.” - Covey Chap 2 8th Habit

I think what I understand from the lat line is, when a decision is taken on your behalf by someone who is higher in the power of hierarchy and when that decision goes wrong, you cannot point finger at your boss, looking from an ceiling view called an Organization.

A conflict resolution requires dynamism in thinking and will never be cultivated by ‘told to act’ methods. If you believe there can be learning without making any mistakes, then one should be in an industry where your job is packing matchsticks.

It could be argued that one is learning by observing the decision made by my boss during conflict resolutions when sought for help. But that microscopic learning can be applied only to an exact similar situation when it arises again. No two apples are same would be my argument. More critical the problem, more the fear based action, more the dependency of your boss needed on the decision making. It is an endless pursuit of seeking freedom not knowing that the one who wants to be free is you not freedom.

Seeking knowledge to make your decision and requiring your boss experience is different than seeking to act out of safety. Without making the right choices, we cannot make the right outcomes. Managers who you report to may be replaced or may change over time, but your work and responsibility doesn’t , continuing in your current position. What if your new boss is less capable than your previous boss, or less capable than yourself? When something goes wrong the less capable new boss will still hold you responsible, what if he says it is your call , you are paid to make it work right and to make right decisions and holds you responsible for the outcome?

It is better to consult when confused, it is better to rightly think and act when you have choice.


Nechung - Only Surviving Oracle

The Oracle at delphi was considered by the Greeks as a place where they could find answers to their problems and also from where the divination messages of future are spoken through priestess Pythia who would provide the answers in return for gold. It was considered the most important shrine and powerful, and unlike medieval ages where priests and religious heads dominated kingdoms it was different in the sense that it was open to delacre the wisest man of Greece was Socrates. Also if the predcitions were wrong, it would have not earned the reputation as it did,but was destroyed by th christian emperor Aracadius in 398 CE.

However truth cannot be destroyed and the eastern practices had successfully preserved through ages teachings through esotericism and knowledge was strictly passed only through qualifying disciples amidst Muslim \ British \ Chinese invasions in the indo and tibetian regions.

Tibetians have preserved the institution of Oracle for the past thirteen hundred years, Nechung is prehaps the only remaining Oracle of our times. The Oracle unlike the one at Delphi is referred as "him" by Dalai lama and is usually comrpising of number of deities under whose advice he fled Tibet due to the invasion of chinese in 1959.

The prophecies are communicated through 'kuten', literally meaning Phyical basis who acts as a medium of communication and sometimes believed to be a physical medium of Dorje Drakden the spirit which protects Dala Lama and acts as advisor. Tibetians had to wait for three years after the passing of the previous medium in 1984. Like any other spirit possession the kuten seems to undergo transformation in facial features and usually falls in a state of trance through which the Oracle speaks and has no memory of the happenings when kuten comes out of trance.

Dalai lama's most important and difficult decision was advised and guided by Nechung Oracle that tibet would face a great danger, and advised Dalai Lama to meet Nehru, first Prime Minister of India in 1956 in pursuit of exile from tibet to India and also detailed the escape route mentioned in his autobiography Freedom in Exile. The movie Kundun gives some details on kuten, the Oracle.

Dalai lama did escape after a thirteen day trek through Himalayas into India.


Art of Spiritual Dialogue

In the pretext of presenting a report and leaving it to the audience to seek the truth, the corrupt media engages in talk shows , entertainment gossips and even news which have people present conflicting opinions. Given the limited time they engage in self attacks, defensiveness and chaotic behavior of talking over another. The media is misleading you to believe a serious debate is going on with a common vision to seek truth among the news clip participants, but the fact of matter is you are viewing a group of tenacious people who are determined that their part of the opinion, idea or story is right, leaving you to wonder both sides make sense. However the liberal media would support its own ideology, so would be the conseratives.

Dialogue means "using logos" or using logic in conversations. Unlike the debates whose purpose starts with a motive to be on the winning side , dialogue tries to discover and seek truth. All debates are not worthless and all dialogues dont necessarily lead to truth as well, however the fruitfullness of a spiritual dialogue are determined by

1. primary motive in seeking
2. open mindedness in engagement
3. focussed vision
4. joy in participation and among particpants
5. using Logos

The primary motive needs to be established in a dialogue, no common solution can be arrived with differeing objectives to begin with. The purpose of the dialogue when well seated in motive, opens the doorway to the possibility of engagement.

Even with a common objective but if steadfast in specific patternal thinking, it doesnt open the door to learning but only to the art of defending or in stereotyped thinking. The purpose the dialogue when seated in open mindedness brings forth a creativity and disengages from what i see to what to see, revitalizing to start afresh.

With open minded conversations, the chances of digression cannot be ruled out as it manifests naturally, but whenever we slide, as long as we are consciously aware of the vision statement, the disipation of energy being wasted is minimal and ability to apply consctructive thought made plausible.

Dialogue does not put the person in focus but the context always and ultimately it is not about who is wrong or right but is the vision religiously being followed and is the whole process exhilarating and rejuvenating? This factor helps you to sustain and evolve in patience and persistance in finding the challenge.

The final instrument which enables a dialogue is by effective communication, articulation and mastery of the language and in the definitions, terms , concepts and principles used in the dialogue. The presentation through logic ensures the conversation stay beyond mere feelings and the ways of expression. It can be in ways of questions and answers, or analogies or by other means.

Art of spiritual dialogue whether be J krishnamurti or Socrates lays the foundation to bring forth methods of right learning, unlike today where learning is fostered mostly through competition alone. Eventhugh the later produces the outcome, there is a subtle wastage in the opposing forces of energy .