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Infinite Consciousness

Sage Vashishta instructs Lord Rama from "Yoga Vashista"

The energy of infinite consciousnes by which matter arises without even for a moment abandoning its own true nature, has manifested this creation, as it were, by merely willing it in its own intellig ence. In fact, even this willing is not true. The egosense that is implied in such willing is itself unreal; but out of this has proceeded all matter and their corresponding subjective senses. In truth, that energy of the infinite consciousness itself is space, time, natural order, expandion of thught, attraction, replusion, you, I-ness, You-ness, It-ness, above, below, nature, knowledge, ignorance, whatever is , was and will ever be. Everything is but infinite consciousness.

Though it is one , it is conceived of as diverse beings; it is neither one or many. It is not even it. It is established in reality, it is supreme and all nclusive peace. It is the immeasurable cosmic being or the true SELF.