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Avani Avitam - Sacred Thread Ceremony

Avani - Name of a Month
Avittam - Star

Sanskrit - Tamil - Greogarian - Zodiac

Simha - Avani - Aug/Sept - Leo

Avani Avittam is also referred as Upakarma ( Beginning \ Commencement).

Beginning or commencment of study of Vedas (Veda Adhyayanam) during the month of Avani.

In Ancient days, 6 months would be dedicated to study of vedas and the remaining 6 months to study shastras and other scriptures. Study of commencement starts between the period of mid-Aug to mid -Jan and ending of vedas is called Veda Utsarjana.

An auspicious day is thus selected to begin the study every year, called Avani Avittam. The day is chosen as the same day when Vishnu (the protector) took avatar as Hayagriva in form of Horse God associated with Wisdom & Knowledge. The purpose ofthe avatar according to the hindy myth was to rescue the vedas stolen by daemons from the bottom of the ocean as requested by Brahma.


My Butterfly

You're a butterfly
with colors of love
flapping my heart wings
bringing a new life

iam thy flower
welcome to my kingdom
receiving your kiss
i surrender to you're wisdom



The wise ,
teach without telling
allow without commanding
have without possessing
care without claiming - Tao Te Ching

When mind operates with its innate nature "to fragment", it creates an illusionary world of relativity from a holistic one.

Relationship is the thus the idea of realising and coming out of this illusion to seeing the sameness and oneness.

A person or object or an idea can seem to be different relative to another, but in its essence never themselves change, similar to a mirror which can relfect different images of objects before it but still continuing to be a mirror.

Relationships can be everlasting and happy only when we relate , understand and appreciate the never changing core truths. Eventhough relative differences may keep the momentum call love initially high, it cannot fuel a lifetime, for to say something is different is to overlook the commonness of the difference which already exists.

Problems are created not solved
Ideas are accumulated not invented
Knowledge is observed not understood
Suffering is ignorance not strife
Life is NOW not time