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Hack Outlook Mails?

Ideas for Hacking through Outlook Recall

1. Send an email to intended recipient to whose inbox you want to hack. Obviously you show know the email ID of the intended recipient.
2. Send an email at a time where you are sure ( mostly in night) where your mail would go unread ( so you will have sufficient time to goof up things)
3. Every message is probably generated a Message ID which is Unique , which is sent along to Outlook for recall.
4. The message ID is valid as long as the message is unread.
5. The recall message which is sent , you have to goof it up as if the other party is read it
6. If there is a way to pull up every message ID from the inbox , virtually all messages can be wiped out from the recipients inbox.

Every item in the Outlook message box is uniquely identified by what is called as an Entry ID. When the message is copied from one folder to another , this ENTRY ID will not longer be the same.


Blogs & Tools

I would prefer Blog pages be removed form Google main search page and probably have a seperate search page for Blogs alone. In that way the searcher is given an option to find between self published contents from web sites.

I went to the following site CREATE RSS for BLOGS
and created my web page to support RSS feed. I had installed Sharpreader, Desktop blogger reading tool ( similar to outlook, where i can subscribe amd read updated blogs from a particular site as and when it changes once in every hour).

Every Blog under a blog server is got a unique number , in case of it is an 18 digit number key , which identifies every user blogs and is unique to every blog. I found this while i was using BlogBuddy tool to enter new or edit old blogs.

BlogBuddy as a desktop blogger notepad is better than going to for two main reasons.
1. You dont need to login every time , as soon as you start it logs you in
2. The Edit window is expandable and resizeable , its got a spell checker tool.
I think Blogbuddy is a mere FTP tool which uploads information from desktop to webservers
RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication

I have to look into a better windows based presentation tool compared to Microsoft Power Point



a life long artist,
loving animal activist,
with her passion for art
has passion in her heart.
her style, iam so fond
inexplicable in words & beyond,
started her career in ranch
as Photography her branch.
her love for animals,
photo shoots economical
what you ought to expect,
is reciprocal of love & respect
her approach is fun
beautiful in vision
she is one of her kind
seldom difficult to find.
Incredible are her gifts
capturing life's moments in clips
those images still ripe
forms a poem of life.
from wedding aisles
to human lifestyles
Innnocent & beautiful smiles
misses not, her digital files.
In black & white
be it day or night
sprouts forth in spirit
for those who see it.
Each one of those clicks
is her instinctual technic
picturing animal lives, in graphic
is nature dancing in classic
Every movement and moment
captured so pleasant and vibrant,
even memories would vanish,
leaving frozen moments to cherish.
Her dedication & hardwork
hanging in walls as artworks,
her work so timeless,
incomparable and matchless
classical & contemporary,
are her works of photography
these garland of words,
gave rise to this art called texography

I went to Alice BOT ALICE BOT, an Artificial Intelligence Chat program , i was expecting to crack it open pretty fast . My inital observations were it was ok, it was trying to play with words and grab some form of my own question and post it back, but it did have intlelligence too. It was trying to reply with generic questions so it doesnt get arrested on those which it didnt have an answer for.

But what took me by suprise was the fact that , i asked the AI program

Badri: Do you know who created you
AI : If i want i can find
Badri: I like to know
AI : Do you really want to know < something like that>
Badri: ofcourse i like to
AI : Sir Richard Wallace created me
Badri: Do you know Richard Wallace even before you were created
< I got the artifical intelligence by suprise asking this, it wasnt able to react >
AI: He is a computer scientist in Carnegie Mellon university etc etc crap
Badri: So you do know Richard Wallace even before he created you
THIS IS WHERE I WIN , the FOLLOWING ANSWER put a halt to the conversation
AI: Interesting Deduction: Trying Sending mail to

To spend time reading about AIML ( Artificial Intelligence Markup Language ). I can't juxtapose with Matrix but i can see where we humans are going !


Google is coming up to conquer and yahoo websites with its GOOGLE LOCATION FINDER


Iam trying to read "A search in Secret India" by Paul Brunton , i guess it would by far, be the most mystical interesting book i would ever read till date.

I downloaded BlogBuddy , a simple windows desktop tool which helps you to post and edit blogs without having to everytime sign in through website.

The download site is Download BlogBuddy


Sacred Ganges

living upto the sacred verses
experienced in the yogic trances
fullfilling the devotee wishes
beyond mystical poetic phrases
triveni of the rivers it mixes
holiest of cities as it stretches
melting from the himlayan ditches
comes dancing down the sacred ganges

polluted now by its masses
losing in its pristine graceness
undermined of its medicinal greatness
untidied with dead bodies & their ashes
contamination as its daily dishes
still runs with hope amidst these messes


Today's Concerns

Whale hunting in Iceland has begun after 15 yr hiatus. There are more tourists who come for whale hunting than whale capturing. Its a kind of national sport, we humans in 2003 are talking about empathy ethics and etiquettes, strange!!

I support revoking of drivers license after the immigrant period of stay is over , as license serves as a single realiable authentic mechanism of idetifying one as a legal immigrant and a trustworthy person during his stay.

My earlier standpoint of military alliance that india should have , whether it is Frane or germany is much clear now. India has bought more scorpene submarines from them and military trade is more with France than germany.

If you dont choose to speak out , dont try to speak about not wanting to speak out, whilst when you speak such, you end up speaking what you didnt want to speak about.


Six Degrees of Seperation

six degress of seperation bwetween Badri & world Personalities

Bush - Vajpayee- Shankaracharya - Rangan Uncle - Badri

Madonna - i wonder how the link should be formed

Beatles - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi -

i tend to disagree to include in the link , outdated or broken links between two immediate chains to be an example of six degrees. The concept is valid with only one exception that one of the subjects in the chain is no more. I also disagree on 'once a meet' to be included or made eligible as a subject chain.


Why "Share" Markets?

Today i had a discussion about Share markets and why the word Share as to be used for the same.
Pros :
Its a share because a company's wealth is being shared by a few individuals who owns.
A company wealth or profits shared among its own employees
What is being shared is money but is it really a share or transfer or temporary place where money changes hands. Why it should be worded as shares when actually there is no sharing of wealth , companies wealth or money is actually called the stock.

Stock holder is the owner of the company and Shareholder is an employee or virtual beneficiary of the company profits.


How to Answer & Win

1. listen fully
2. pay attention to the context in which the topic or subject is spoken
3. Memory Map
relate with any previous discussion with or without the same person you have had on the topic.
4. On unknown , unclear topics , the best way is to guess close to logic , because even if you are wrong you wont look like a fool or way off the tangent
5. Follow 5 than 4 , if you have already developed your intuition or nurtured it and have been successfull this should preceede than trying to blindly attempt with a logic.
6. where u know , there is no clear win, try and corner on the opponent , if u could establish what aspect of the topic in context he is weak at and wheni being stronger in it.
7. try to accept and show you are open to facts by accepting certain opponent claims but on the losing end , try and reverse gear by making him accept some of your hard facts to give the impression both are right and probably wrong in some points with a compromise.
8. refine the above points by test and observation in personal or impersonal in situations, till you master the art.

Beautiful Mind

your glistening words makes me blind
you leave the reader aghast behind
people like you, hardly I find
so good to know your beautiful mind

A few Points

1. I have signed up for google alert at Google Alert Login name is badri & password is alert&&&&&###

2. Not too many people are in the "connectors" business trying to integrate and seamlessely making disparate technologies work together. These businesses sign up as partners with each of the different vendors in developing integration tools and license them. They play a main role in todays technology which has gone more with open ended architecture and no longer monolithic , customers still do and dont (on the increase) want to develop all their solutions from single vendor or single suite of products. With increase in competition and customizable plugins forming a part of the core products, the customer is given the option to choose a core product and different effective plugins/connectors or modules from another a vendor , since all of them cater to a open standard integration.

3. I have finally acheived to display my homepage in google. If you type in the search text "badri google" or "badri narayanan google" or "badri pastimes" you will find my site displayed first.

4. Bob Marley the Rastafarian (Rast Tafari makonen - Self proclaimed Emperor of Trinity of Ethipoa) reggaist of jamaica, is yet another person in the planet to remind us truly music has no color, language,geography or political ideologies and one of the easiest ways how we can bring people together and in peace. No wonder why we see so many musical concerts for world peace. Well on another note do you believe someone like Ganshi really said this ? "It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence". I see Bob marley as one true person who wanted to redeem the afro population and raise them up to fight poverty & violence.

5. I finally succeeded in a GoogleWHACK by typing "quintessential mirage" and hit resulting just one site.

6. The state and religion should be always seperate in any country. Having said that BJP religious stands in politics and it being used for vote gathering, exploiting communal violences in favour of votes is not good for a country like India with so much diversity calling itself a secular state in long run.

7. India's military balance i strongly hope needs these alliances

Russia - on cheap and joint manufacturing of arms , space technology ventures
Israel - more of buying satellites , radars, and survelliance and espionage equipments
France/Germany- help would be required to strengthen India's stand in Euro Land
( not sure who is better in naval exercises & warfare. France would be an option because it is a permanent member in the Un security Council)

India relationship with US is the most complex of it all , we do not know where we stand, nor we know where US stands eventhough US wants to increase trade and military relations with India but maybe also for selfish purposes to counteract China in South Asia. How far Us can lend its hand to India would be another question in the wake of pakistan being a front end ally against terrorism , helping US to catch more al qaeda members and terrorists everyday.

India's partnership with China is out of question

India doesnt need to partner with UK ( which is not independent and bold in its political views against US , even when there arises a time to do so)

8. Pastimes means passing times or time in past..... wonder what my own Title means here

this is a rare poem by RUTH St Denis extract from Wisdom Comes Dancing , this i searched much in the net but couldnt find. Lucklily i wrote a mail to Susanna somewhere in brazil and she handtyped it for me ( thanks, great on her part to do so)

The Ballet of the Beloved

This is the Ballet Dance
Of the Beloved,
The singing of his light,
The loving of his love.

These are the words of his wisdom
And the rhythms of his life.

This Ballet is the going forth by day
And the returning home by night.

These are gifts of his giving
And the pouring of his wine.

By these are we scourged
And chastened for his sight,
From his right hand they emerge
And to his left hand they return.

They move in his measures
Yet visible to the world.

They are the thought forms of his pleasure
And the arrows of his will.

Prayer for Artists

O, Divine Father and Mother,
Makers of heaven and earth,
Supreme artists of creation,
I, thy humble instrument
Kneel here at Thy feet.
I listen for Thy inward word
And I wait to behold Thy inward vision.

Cleanse Thou me
From all sin and self-righteousness
From all illusions of prided vanity and fear.
Make me sensitive to Thy sounds,
To Thy vision, and to Thy rhythms.

Let me express beauty,
The wonders of Thy universe
And the immortality of my own soul
Which Thou hast given me.

Allow me to enter that temple
Not made with hands
Wherein I may express the beauty of love
And the majesty of truth.

In humble and surrendered gratitude
For life, for love and for wisdom
I offer again and yet again
To Thee, my heart, my body and my mind.

Just pulling from my respository of poems i wrote over years, i lost most of it , but whatever few i have , here it is from my mail storage.

I dont know

iam stranded on the PATH
donno know where to go, donno where i came
donno know how to live, cannot carry further more
why cant it be the way, i want it to be
why cant i be the way. i meant to be
donno know what is right, donno what is wrong
donno who iam, donno what iam
want to find a way, unlike other people say
cannot accept this , this very lonely path
donno what is life, donno whnt to know
donno where i belong, donno what would come along
not looking for company, not looking anyone to
not wanting sympathy, not expecting someone to empathy
donno what is what, donno things that fell apart
donno where to start, for my life's most part,
dont tell me to survive, when am verily supposed to live
cant run from life, as an immobile fugitive
donno how to see, donno to mask me,
donno abt thee, donno anymore about we
want someone to know, i care abt them u know
with time it will show, that my love will only grow
donno abt past, do know it doesnt last
donno it was fast, do know it was a blast
is this life's drama,an acceptable karma?
where is dharma, in live's infinite trauma
donno why i feel low, do know its a turbulent flow
donno what to do, you know do you?
do know what is true, the love i have for you

Poem Time

I dont know when i wrote this , some are inspirational words stealed & translated in this poem but most of it are mine and genuine.

we have spoken truth , truth by our beings
but there are truths needless to be spoken
and we have spoken those through our love

whatever we shared and spoke , cannot disappear in thin air
whatever we are yet to share , cannot be taken away , its not fair
whatever we are tested and tempted with cannot shake our love's care
whatever come may , the truth as love our hearts would bear

without sorrow there cannot be joy
the truth of which u spoke through your flute's envoy
the person who u hold in your mind as coy
in receipt of the flute u gave to enjoy
did receive the wisdom , without sorrow there cannot be joy

the flute which makes those melifluous songs
is suffered those needed sorrowful holes
the flute which springs forth numerable notes
is nothing but a hollow void, to denote

the truth thus
from nothing comes everything , the relationship of anything
and sorrow can give foth joy , the relationship between our beings
i truly cherish your wisdom and thy love

O angel of sacred arts ! what follows is my fierce dance of truth
i called for you , to light the fire of life
grant the boon, grand is thy coming
my heart cried , longed for you ,
iam the other half of your life
Shivoham(IAM shiva) me and shiva are the same ,
you are the other half of my body
Rama the devoted husband and Krishna with multiple gopis
in their inherent beauty of love are one and the same
As rama the devoted and as krishna the all loving
was my two halves of my love for you
O beloved yo're my life, Life's Life
Beauty , Beauty's beauty

i dont have any more energy to cry!!!!
my eyes dont have any more tears to drop!!!
there is no chance for any more seperation
there is no room for any more sorrow to creep in
i dont have any more fear
i only have love for you dear
let me raise in thy love never fall again to anyother love
let me live in thy grace not be seperated by each other race
let those beautiful days dawn in me of wisdom
let me reign always in thy love kingdom
let the rain pour the draught lands of my ignorance
let the barren lands of my knowledge bloom forth
let the power of sun flourish our growth
so be it ! so be it!
god make it so happen !!!

Poem Time
My Requiem

i thought about you , what came were songs of love
i thought about myself , what came was laughter on myself
when the sky cries (rains)only then the earth laughs (flourish)
there could be certain people who choose to be these skies
eventhough it may seem from outside purposeless their cries
bring good to themselves and others around
who are they, and who will know?
where are those drops , where will it go?
they are the two lovely birds , the skies will know
those drops have become flowers , fragrance spreading so
but even the sky changes its colours(dark) when it cries(rains)
but changes not my love , amidst many tries
the flowers of your fragrnce are the doors of my garden
the songs of my love is the flute of your voice
the continuing communion is a continum of many lives
i am a puppet controlled by strings of fate
do not know the stage nor the perfomance at a futuristic date
thusi speak not from my mind , but from my soul
these heart beats longing to speak is the rhythym of life
will beat even after ceasing of this heart, is a beautiful strife
the sky an the sea are to meet only in the horizon
do they ever meet , well never
but there is this truth ,
the sky forms the sea, which inturn forms the clouds
a never ending nature of love, being one and same
with two different bodies as love and lover but amazingly the same

1. I think google should be used in microsoft Office suite of products, blended into those toolbars and results presented like Google Glossary etc directly into word/ppt/excel.

2. J2ee/ Sun ONE , Microsoft .NET are the different platforms , i wonder any software for code portability is maintained across these, something to investigate in the coming days.

3. Why not Google search using Capital letters, it maybe a useful feature for narrowing down certain serches. ALso have to figure out what OS Google runs..?


Ideas Imbibed

1. Afterall there is nothing called Junk food , every candy or a burger its got some nutritional values , they dont cause addiction until you want to get addicted , they have caloies in them, they are useful as they serve as fast foods which should not form a daily diet for anyone, so are children candy bars etc.. so there is a disctinction between Junk DIET and junk food, something to think about and not dance to the drums .

2. Every company has to have three things for its Business Vision
1. Core Values ( never changes. Eg excell customer service, solution integrity)
2. Core Purpose ( never changes. Eg automation or contribution to the world)
3. Vision ( changes. Eg could be short or long term vision and abt money)

3. Business Response

"The business deliverable or output of a set of business activities which satisfies the business event which triggered the set of business activities." - Courtesy Google Glossary

now i can understand my Company's caption and its logo much better. Without a need there is no business, whithout business the needs arent satisfied, its a win-win situation when the business response is sucessfull. for both the parties.

I think it would be appropriate to have when Business Responds Business Integrates or Business Innovates more suiting to the logo of the company.

4. Galileo is on a cosmic suicide mission after being in orbit for nearly 8 years around Jupiter. One of the reasons sighted was its aging and losing fuel propellant and instead of it going uncontrolled and crashing into one of jupiter moon's Europa, where scientists believe the possibility of an existing ecosystem and the microbes in galileo from infecting it.

what is the technology which can fuel satellite spacecrafts as far as thousands of light years to leave the solar system? it should definitely be self sustaining nor energy packed and sent, but something able to survive with solar or nuclear fission.

is there any signals which doesnt get weakened unlike electromagnetic radiation over distances, probably we need to fit such to be able to send signals out in search for our milky brothers.

5. TV programmes in US attract mor viewers if they are a reality show programmes, but reality shows cannot be as interesting as fiction movies or serials, i think K-Street fixes this bridge by giving what could be called as an oxymoron ... a reality fiction series. How far one can go mixing reality characters with fictious characters or stories would be something interesting to watch.


Todays Thoughts

1. I would prefer a RFC or a common forum to be set for Internet Search Queries that to be adopted by all major search engines making life a bit easier.

2. I would prefer to have an UNDO button in the elevators , planning to suggest to OTIS .. haha but still a good idea

3. When you do any product, dont fit everything into the core of product but rather make them as detachables, connectors, accessories, plugables and hence can be used based on a need to fit in or be without when such a demand doesnt arise.

4. Accompanying words with search words

1. Tips 2. tricks 3. means 4. list 5.

5. Special character in Google searches are translated as (a)XX eventhough doesnt yield any result as of yet.

6. I wish google can provide a flag for searching Acronyms alone

7. Check out &




something crazy and funny and nonsensical stuff

thirsty thirsty cup
god damn! me got no hiccups
stop preachin u bishops
nah! no more of those bible dollops

unmask those scandal makeups
dare not try again those stickups
get today your AIDS checkup
never again in a church showup

everyday anew controversy stirsup
yet another child victim turnup
vatican's concelaing story shapesup
case after case in courts, pileup

this current papal setup
is a sex and sanctity mixup
as the investigations speedup
yo'all soon will be in lockup


The Longing

I am talking to you from a distant land
i knew you even before i saw you
loving loving, time immemorial
It is part of your being, my voice
But it comes to you faintly because of distance
neverthless as sound as sound of love
I don't know, u may say
yes , iam talking to u as unknown
I can't hear you, u may say
iam talking to you but in silence
But somewhere you can still hear, and deep down your being u know
as I am no different from you , i was born to love you
I am that which has no beginning nor end by my being as you
as we never knew us before we were born , nor will know in the end
as we cease to exist at both poles
but love never ceases , for you or for me
if i were flowers , i would be beautiful only as garland on you
if i were beads of the mala , i would be energised by ur chants of love
where are you! who are you! mysterious indeed is this world


Poem from Austin

Where two people open themselves
to honest discovery
and disclosure,
a mystical experience results
which passes ever more deeply
into an interior consciousness,
so the lovers become
to each other as a
door to God.

-Tex (A futuristic mystical poet)


Searching Web for Hand drawn images

A friend of mine wanted to know how he can search Symbols like ♀ and i was wondering where i would find such articles but atlast i hit on a research site in princeton where they have a web site

The interesting thing about the site is , you can hand draw images and the engine will search for similar shaped objects from a respository of images stored in Database. Pretty interesting research and am sure if google has this integrated , search engine capability will be phenomenal and news rules of intelligence can be built into them.

I am a Googlologist and have been spending enough time with Google search engines, some of todays interesting finds
1. ~ synonym operator recently introduced , ~cook would yeild cook cookery cooking cooker
2. Google Calculator helps me to convert F to C by simply typing '99 F in C'
3. I found .. i was wondering whether this would be their test site
4. amo el google ( i love google ) from Google translation tool , nice way to learn spanish
5. To check google sites but not starting with www 'link to: -inurl:www'
6. I found wild card character does work in google somtimes check out "count * chickens" or
try "google * search techniques" OR "google * * search techniques" OR "google * * *
search techniques"
7. Check this site for some googlism
8. To see how your site would be searched by Google web spiders check this site and give in
your homepage
9. Google Search categories
10. Using '| symbol as OR operators in comples searches 'google -inurl:(groups|www)' will
yield all sites of google except those starting with www and groups

My first Blogging

i had been thinking how to write the first blog and happy that i could get URL in my name. I searched for badri in blogspot and found Badri Sheshadri site , which was very impressive and in my south indian mother tongue Tamil, so where his thoughts.

I thought the best would be through various invocation mantras of the Upanishads.

Aitreya Upanishad - Invocation Mantra

May my word be firmly established in my mind!
May my mind be firmly established in my word!
O Self-manifest one, be manifest to me!
Be for me the cornerstone of Revelation.
May what I have heard not depart from me!
Thus meditating on your wisdom, I link days and nights.
OM peace , peace , peace

Katha Upanishad - Invocation Mantra

May he protect us both;
May He be pleased with us both;
May we work together with vigour;
May our study make us illumined;
May there be no dislike between us
Aum, peace, peace, peace

Kena Upanishad - Invocation Mantra

May my limbs grow vigorous,
my speech, breath, eye, ear
as also my strength and all my senses.
All is the Brahman of the Upanisads.
May I never discard Brahman.
May the Brahman never discard me.
May there be no discarding.
May there be no discarding of me.
Let those truths which are in the Upanisads live in me dedicated to the self.
Aum. Peace, Peace, Peace.

Prasana Upanishad - Invocation Mantra

Om. May we, O gods,
hear with our ears what is auspicious!
May we, see with our eyes what is good!
May we, strong in limbs and body,
sing your praise and enjoy the life allotted to us by Prajapati!
Aum. Peace! Peace! Peace