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Body of Fire

From Chandogya Upanishad , Shankara recites (extracted from the movie Adi Shankara by GV Iyer)

The Heaven is Fire
The Sun its Fuel
The Rays ts Smoke
The Day its Flame
The Star its Sparks
Into this fire God offers the oblation of faith
Out of this the divine king Soma (full moon) arises

The RainGod is indeed Fire
The Wind is Fuel
The Cloud its Smoke
The Lightning its Flame
The Thunderbolt its Embers
The Thunder its Sparks
Into this fire the God offers the oblation of Soma
Out of this Oblation Rain Arises

The Eart its Fire
The Year its Fuel
The Sky its Smoke
The Night its Flame
The Four Direction its Embers
The inter-Directions its Sparks
Into this Fire the God offers the oblation of Rain
Out of this oblation arises Food

Man indeed is the Fire
Speech, his Fuel
Breath, his Smoke
Tongue, his Flame
Eyes, his Embers
The Ears, his Sparks
Into this Fire the God offers the oblation of Food
Out of this oblation the Semen is created

Woman is the Fire
Penis is the Fuel
Copulatory incitation is the Smoke
Her Groin is the Flame
Copulation is the Ember
Orgasm is the Spark
Into this Fire the GOd offers the oblation of Semen
Out of this oblation arises fetus

These Five elements or Panchabhootas thus give rise to Man


My Valentine

friendship sails
beyond minds line
candles of passion
lights our heart's shrine
joy grabs us , love engulfs us
dances this unspoken truth
i am thine, thou art mine
you my divine & I your valentine



Forgetting I, embracing Money
Is wealthy man’s misery
Forgetting Money, but going after the I
Is an enlightened man’s cry

Seeking I through money
is a mind of ignorance
Seeking I throghout, in any
is the yogic concurrence

Saving without spending
is the need for the greed
Spending while having
is the creed for the freed

the money you save
let it not fear you
richer you will be & crave
when the I is near you


Egoic Self - Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle

Built into the very structure of the egoic self is a need to oppose, resist and exclude to maintain the sense of seperateness on which its continued survival depends. So thee is "me" against the "other", "us" against "them".

The ego needs to be in conflict with something or someone. That explains why you are looking for peace and joy and love but cannot tolerate them for very long. You say you want happiness but are additced to your unhapiness. Your unhapiness ultimately arises not from the circumstances of your life but from the conditioning of your mind.

Almost every ego contains at least an element of what we might call "victim identity". Some people have such a strong victim image of themseleves that it becomes their central core of their ego. Resentment and ego form their essential sense fo self.

Even if your grievances are completely "unjustified" you have constructed an identity got yourself that is much like a prison whose bars are made of thought forms. Feel the emotional attachment you have to your victim story and become aware of the compulsion to think or talk about it. Be there as witnessing presence of your inner state. You dont have to do anything. With awareness comes transformation and freedom.