My Poetry, Philosophy, Thoughts and Ideas.


An American Soldier

as the wounds of the night sleeps
tears of showers from clouds weep
befallen & stripped of his armour
still defeat or loss he doesn't harbour

tears dry from his sunken eyes
his shoulders shrugged in despise
flesh & bones singing his demise
laid the soldier's courage in disguise

his thoughts fade, dreaming his strife
hoping for peace he would rest his life
as he farewell's kiss to stars and stripes
in memory he lives, to his new born son and wife

a wakeupcall at dawn for the souls
spirit of homeland, still his lips extol
inspired to sacrifice, stand around his patrol
as he breathes the freedom, as his final goal



the unmerciful winds have gone
its time to regain and be strong
even sun is ashamed to dawn
to see dead babies in the lawns
the lakes continue to cry & shed
of homes & families lost in flood
engulfed & faced with a sea of grief
they continued to hold in faith & belief
the burdens they have & about to bear
the whole country rallies to care and share
hearts cry, knowing not what it means
minds struggle to build a NEW Orleans
white or black the nature did not spare
as mississipi burns in loss and despair
the courage of its men, becomes aware
as stories & struggles hit the air
while the nation awakens in disbelief
victims of poverty die, awaiting relief
still anger and agony looming their fate
is but to be changed by the lone star state
no matter, how many katrina's are bound to hit
they cannot ever shake that american spirit