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President's Executive Privilege & Impeachment Process

'You have the right to remain silent Mr President' Executive Privilege & Impeachment Process

The following questions delude everyone in the country when it comes to answering the following questions on the impeachment process

1. What is an impeachable offense ? what offense of the president can be deemed impeachable?

2. How should the President be tried? By Court? what if the courts verdict is different than the majority of the Senate and House of Representatives?

3. Can a president on an impeachable trial exercise executive privelage by not providing the required information

4. How should the invstigation be carrid out to find the evidence in support of the impeachment?

Firstly it would be very hard to define and list ever possible offence if not impossible to do so, as it requires to be investigated case by case and under the current economic, political and general welfare of the country.

Eventhough all criminal offences by the President done directly or orchestrated (Nixon) would definitely be entitiled for impeachment. There are however non criminal yet impeachable offences which are very difficult to classify and thus the House of reprsentatives may be given the right for deciding to define whether it is impeachable or not by a referendum of vote.

Assuming the act of the President falls under a criminal impeachable offence, then the President needs to be tried under a judicial court and subpoena for the crime. Well, the question comes whether such a kind of an act is useful? as the President being tried can use his executive privage and hide from providing any information related to the case he is being tried.

Since unless proven he is not guilty, just an indictment of criminal offence against the President does not make him lose his executive privilege nor a need for resignation. How much of public outcry needs to be considered in this whole proceeding? how to involve the public to determine to demand whether President should indeed use his executive privilege(EP) or not?

Giving unquestionable EP under any circumstance is probably not the right thing to do, eventhough owing to confidential or classified information of the country secrets a President may be in a need to protect and may not be able to provide the requested information to the grand jury. Also how far can the investigative council appointed by the grand jury can go in collecting information from the white house needs to be questioned, as access to each and every information may open the country to both inside and outside vulnerability because of sensitive or classified information.

House cannot and does not have the right to call for a subpoena in a criminal impeachable offense. The judge or the grand jury (consisting of judges) make the decision to decide whether is it indeed an impeachable offense or not as raised by the Senate or House of representatives. Hence instead of giving the complete control to a group of Congress, there is a judiciary comittee who overlooks case to determine the offence brought to their table is impeachable and whether the President be called for a subpoena hearing.

If the judge agrees, then a vote is passed between the grand jurors and the congress to determine whether President on the particular case of indictment can use his executive privilege or not. Now if they all agree the case is made against the President and also his executive privilege stripped off during the investigation into the case and everything is vanilla.

But if the Congress fails to convince the grand jury of a criminal impeachable difference, what does the Congress do? If it is not deemed a criminal offence as perceived by the congress and against by the court, then the congress has the freedom to make it an indictable offence and still use the option and the always owned right to impeach without calling for a grand jury. However in a case where court admits of a possible criminal impeachment, but decides the President can use his executive privilege then there is a deadlock, which ofcourse can be broken by Congress appealing to Supreme Court and the deicision finally thereof settled .

However the congress consisting of the Senate and House of representatives do not need to go that far as the constitution provides a provision to impeach without a court ruling. After such an impeachment, the President becomes like any other citizen and he can thus be tried stripping of the executive prvilege in a court as any other criminal , in case the sole reason if the congress believes for his impeachment , is criminal in nature.

Thus a greater trust can be enthrusted to a group of 100 Senators and 240 and odd House of representatives to take the decision, even if the criminal offence impeachment request fails in the court as constitution provides the house having the right to impeach and overrule and we hope they would excerice this right against extreme caution fully understanding why a particular president may use an executive privilege. Nixon resigned before the impeachment trial could pull him down, Clinton stood the impeachment trial succeeding in votes and categorised as non criminal and non impeachable offence.

Helen Keller, sculptor of our hearts


No one can appreciate a sculptor's work more than the blind, to a sculpture, the touch of the blind is like giving life energy to every part of his work. The blind sees the vision of every curve and speaks the honesty of expression in their caressing and exploratory touch, which is full of curiosity and attention every moment, profundity and search every other. Unlike the eye which traps and the mind that ignites creating a like or dislike for these visual arts , blindless vision is unadulterated expression of a much more intimate contact which is nameless and which with every touch  and every time creates a new dynamism of dialogue, a deep relationship which seeds the chracteristic to extend among nature and other fellow humans.


Helen Keller born blind and deaf on the French Sculptor Jo Davidson


"Until i came to your studio, I had often seemed to move in a deaf blind studio show, but you multipiled my powers of feeling, reflecting and observing as you worked, and now there will be a new significance in whatever there is left for me to accomplish. You confirm the truth which has always burned into me- spiritual exalatation is not enough. We must also lift our earth horizon or we shall always profane our high thinking by mean living."


"My fingers cannot get the impression of a large whole at a glance , but i feel the parts and my mind puts them together"


Hellen keller on Rodin's Statue 'The Thinker'

"I recognized the force that shook me when my teacher spelled 'w-a-t-e-r'.. Often before had my deliverance caused me to wonder, but not until then i perceived clearly how my teacher hewed my life bit by bit out of the formless silent dark as Rodin hewed the mind genesis out of the rock"


I feel handicapped with my senses comparing it with her, having taken for granted the beauty not only of the form and light but that lay in the formless dark. Calling her a prodigy would be to limit her and par with so many others who enhanced their skills and intellectualism, she enhanced the very fabric and meaning of life with abundant courage, her rare but pruposeful avatar which inspires, motivates and wonder many. Amidst the inundation of tears i remind myself that she lived a joyous life of what she had and what was to come.

is Just war Justifiable?

Among the different schools of thought which existed during vedic time, Sankhya and Yoga (Jnana - Knowledge, Bhakti- Devotion) were the only ones mentioned in Gita. Many philosophies sprung since vedic time but not many could withstand time, in a changing society and human consciusness, the last of the prophets and the teachings only remain in this world in all religions. Concept of Dwaita and Vishistadwaita philophies weakened and blind folded the masses into idol worship ( not against it but hoping those stones would help them against invading British and Ruthless Muslims Invaders is atypical of the Vedic Aryans). But the buddhists also faced the same fate and they were not idol worshippers, or ritualists but non dual philosophers and masters of their senses, how was their fate different against the invasion?


Krishna in GIta clearly defends the need to fight adharma contrary to Gandhi interpretation of Gita, firstly there wouldnt be any Gita if not for Arjuna acting like Gandhi and resisting to fight even if he be killed inspite of inaction. What is right action ? what happens when you dont peform the right action? what is a just war? why the grievance? what is right knowledge? how does it liberate one from this mental suffering ? how do you practice? is the rest of the instructions in Gita.


There is another instance during Buddha's time, Buddha was living in Savatthi ruled under the Kosala ruler called Pasenadi. Pasenadi found solace in Buddha teachings bt openly admitted he could not leave his kigndom and other pleasures to live the life of a Bhikku (wandering monk). A warbroke out suddenly between him and his nephew Ajatasattu Videhiputta who ruled over Maghda. It was an unjust war fought by Ajatasattu, Pasendai seized the land near Varnasi which he once gifted to Ajatasatuu father BImbisara, as a sign of protest because Ajatasattu for greediness of power surronded by wrong influence killed his own father for the thrown.


After the war King Pasenadi comes to Buddha and says he acted out of hiw own self defense and tales the terrible effects of war and how he doesnt want to kill or imprison the defeated Ajatasattu. Buddha thus replies "You are surronded by loyal friends and aides and hence there is no surprise you came out as victor, since Ajatasattu is influenced by bad people he went astray, please treat him as a king and with proper ceremony send him back to Maghda. However for a last peace to happen, it depends on your skill of how you handle the matter". So Buddha never criticies the war here for self defense but says how to permanently find peace and forgive the situation.


Maybe Gandhi's implementation and approch other than violence but based on the most noble principles of scriptures including his interpretation of Gita would have led himto his way. It was foolish and would have been a non pragmatic approach to exercise violence or power like Subash Chandra Bose after the occupation has already happened, it would have made sense to resist with power as it was done even before they invaded,but not after that too by a powerful formidable Great  Britan.


Gandhi no doubt has given inspiration and spoken the universal language of non violence,a modern political guru of non violence who become father of independent India and numrous inspiration to non violent liberation and injustice. True spiritual gurus and mystics like ramana and aurobindo continued to nourish the true seekers. Post independent India saw a modern guru who would break all forms of traditional approach and religion like Buddha and would travel around the world and get to discuss man and his envionment, his consciousness, his conflicts, his chaos and the concept called country, its war divisions etc...he was none other than Krishnamurti. Just as mbreathing is important for survival, so does it seem, that india cannot live without a spiritual master for its survival be it any age. The karma yogi Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi continues to torch and let not the spiritual fame die. India also housed and protected Buddha Dharma by providing Dharmasala as a safe haven for Dalai lama, which still to date angers the chinese. Not to mention the failures like Osho and Prabhupada whose disciples were corrupt and resulted in being branded as cults in the west.

Wu Chi State of Krishna

Wu Chi State by Krishna


matra sparsas tu kaunteya

sitosna sukha dhuka dah

agampayino nityas

tam titiksasva bharata!


translated from Gita in Sanskrit says


O son of Kunti!w just as nonpermanent happiness and pain appear and,disappear like winter and summer seasons , know they are causs due to sensuous perception only and try to tolerate them.


In the following verse in gita after this, only such a person is eligible for liberation, the one who is not disturbed by the cycles of pain and happiness.


The Yin and Yang krishna states are facts of life, he does not say there can be complete happiness or complete sorrow in one's lifetime and they are bound to come in cycles analogous with summer and winter cycles to prove the point of natures play and everyone is subjected tus to experience it in life. He stresses the word of non permanence in addition to repeating them as cycles to prove it is indeed inevitable and the reason is because of sensuous perception of the reality. Feelings are nothing but the state of mind at that instant for a particular subject. As human mind grows, evolves and continuously changes,how the input from the senses are perceived is dependent on the state of the mind and the until the dynamics of life is clearly understood, no amount of preparation  or safe zone building can save one from hurt or suffering, nor can one avoid happiness which is eqully dynamic and spontaneous. Avoiding happiness and sorrow thus is inevitable , what however can be done knowing the nature of the mind to be the very source of this creation, having thus created , any amount of agitation , regret or holding and possession of the moment be happiness or distress is going to last long only till the next wave hits, so dont resist or attach for either of them will cause sufferingbut tolerate. Tolerate here could mean see it the same, dont resist thru the mind , knowing mind created it, for if you do, what results is coflict and disturbance out of the resistance. However why we continue to do is because happiness and distress we have invested in the idea of it being outside us and caused completely externally of us.


BUt then the obvious questions rushes up in the mind to ask, if you were to point out an holocaust victim in one of the nazi camps, how could someone see that physical psychological distress and their precvious happiest moments to be same?  Tolerate it and practice the art of Titiksha to see both as cycles and as same and in the next verse of gita predictably anwers the question


avinasi tu tad viddhi

yena sarvam idam tatam

vinasam avyayasyasya

na kascit kartum arhati


Know that which pervades the entire body is indestructible. No one will be able to destroy or slain the impersihable soul. he sys in the following verses in many ways as birth and death cycles , manifst and unmanifest cycles, and descibes soul as insoluble, unbreakable, undamageable, unchangeable, immovable, all pervading, eternal and invisible. This is the philosophy of Sankhya concludes Krishna.

Indo Chinese

Indians call it Prana

Chinese call it Chi

Japanese call it Ki

West calls it bio magnetic

New age call it Cosmic


Both in Sanskrit and Chinese each of the words prana and chi apart from meaning energy also means breath. While Indians activate and open the channels of energy motion in motionless meditative postures and concentration of flow of breath or object of meditation, chinese employ rather graceful movements to attain the same. Nadis as these channels were called by Indians, were called meridians by the chinese and the base or muladhara chakra where the life force called Kundalini lay dormant was called as Lower Tan Tien. Eventhough unlike 7 chakras or energy centres, there are only three levels Lower iddle and Upper Tan Tiens, but the energy flow is from the base to the top and can be felt between the eyebrows(thid eye).Tousands of years before YI Jin or the I Ching book of changes and Yoga Sutras have described these in pictorial detail. The energy acheived through movements could have probably resulted in chinese mastering and expressing as martial arts, whereas indians through their motionless practice mastered the yogic mind powers. All aspects of life and creation were made out of 5 elements for Indians and so for the chinese.


Indias   - Earth, Fire, Water, Ether and Space

Chinese  - Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal


Wood and Metal? what is that?, isnt that not Earth? well thats what Indians would ask i guess.. Ehter is the permeating medium of astral consciousness


chang San Feng born in 1247 and living in Wu Dang mountains put these movements into practice for healing and what came to be known as 12Disruption forms of Wu Dang Tai Chi, later mmoified by Yang Lu Chang in his own style, which was later improvised to be used as martial arts.


China has changed so much from their ancestoral knowledge but India still continues to be the oldest living and to some extent practicing and believing tradition in world history.Indians and Chinese are widely spoken again of their commonality today, not in population growth for a change or they being nuclear powers but in they growing as economic centres of the world in 21st century and also their dominance in space technology, eventhough militarily India will always lag behind not due to lack of knowledge but the inherent nature and urge is simply not there. India would have never grown to even be here in military strength if not for the thankful threat of Pakistan. India joinin UN would be one final step to be closer on par with China.

Bill Oh Really?

Land of the Free , Home of the Brave,

Cheaters should spree, or Factor would rage!

thats what someone who believes in Bill O Reily and his O' Reilly Factor program would descibe in short. Trying to continuously battle the forces who lie to you (americans) from Presidents to Pope, Weasels to War, Celeberities to corporations, Fundraisers to Friends.

A prime time news program dedicated for Fox hunting those who cheat the american public by inviting to his show, and if you are one of invitees rest assured that will most likely be your judgement day.

O'Reilley factor is become synonymous with moral factor fighting against what is considered 'evil' for its citizens, whether be junkie burgers, Pot smoky Whitney moms, Sexhouse Clintons, 'here i have a lie' news reporters, everyday marrying J Lo news cravies, divorcing before marrying Britneys celeberities, priest who use children as libido toys, 'pay me to lie' lawyers, all get the same treatment, butts kicked.

Among the reporters who want to make even pridnary news sensational and cotroversial, he clearly stands as one who brings out controversies into news. In an age where TV new viewers are declining, bringing cable news to be most watched program definitely says something about the anchor. The key difference between him and his co anchors in other programs is, when you listen to the program, you can see the following

1. Breaks the conventional barrier and gap of Reporter- Viewer, instead he is like a viewer shouting out his voice against injustice.

2. Consistent in his conservative traditional value approach and his DIG BIG! attitude to bring matters into public forum for scrutinization.

3. Amidst his authoritative judgements, he always leaves a room for error in his judgement, whereby he cannot be made accountable for lack of information not available at that time.

4. Strong educational background (degree in history, broadcast journalism, public policy)

5. A dedicated, powerful action oriented fans as audience, who are not couch potatoes watching the show, but those who would make a national outcry, demand an explanation by flooding mails and letters, force a apologetic press conference.

The obvious weakness

1. Extreme Emotional reactiveness with endless counter accusations

2. Quick judgement with limited information (WMD)

3. Macho pride and easily provocative

4 Vulnerable to inappropriate usage of words

Question to Bill using your own words on the recent sex scandal which was secretly settled.

1. If rappers gangsta sex lyrics is wrong, sexual arassment over phone is it right? the difference is plurality and singularity but that doesnt make it wrong and right, does it?

2. If being in public office, politicans like Clinton who represent the public requires an explanation, how about alteast a clarification not to the entire public but to your audience?

3. If your compassionate remark on whitney houston smoking pot would have affected her kid, what about this scandal, would it not have caused an embarassment atleast to yours?

4. the powerful are protected by the powerful, does it hold good in your case having excercised the power of money in settling the million dollar case?

No one has done so much damage than the corrupt Priests, Politicans, Press and Parents.

Priests crucify your spirit

Press corrupts your mind

Politicans chokes your freedom

Parents cover up your mistakes

Can a popular public person's private life be scrutinized and questioned, if he goes against the very reason of his persona by which he came to become popular?


Krishnamurti on Nature & Environment

There is a TREE by the river and we have been watching it day after day for several weeks when the sun is about to rise. As the sun rises slowly over the horizon, over the trees, this particular tree becomes all of a sudden golden. All the leaves are bright with life, and as you watch them as the hours pass by, that tree whose name does not matter – what matters is that beautiful tree – the watching seems to spread an extraordinary quality all over the land, over the river. And as the sun rises a little higher the leaves begin to flutter, to dance. And each hour seems to give to that tree a different quality. Before the sun rises it has a somber feeling, quiet, far away, full of dignity. And as the day begins, the leaves with the light on them dance and give it that peculiar feeling that one has of great beauty. By midday its shadow has deepened and you can sit there protected from the sun, never feeling lonely, with the tree as your companion. As you sit there, there is a

relationship of deep abiding security and a freedom that only trees can know. Toward the evening when the western skies are lit up by the setting sun, the tree

gradually becomes somber, dark, closing in on itself. The sky has become red, yellow, green, but the tree remains quiet, hidden, and is resting for the night.

If you establish a relationship with it, then you have relationship with mankind. You are responsible then for that tree and for the trees of the world. But if you have no relationship with the living things on this earth, you may lose whatever relationship you have with humanity, with human beings. We never look deeply into the quality of the trees; we never really touch it, feel its solidity, its rough bark, and hear the sound that is part of the tree. Not the sound of wind through the leaves, not the breeze of a morning that flutters the leaves, but its own sound, the sound of the trunk and the silent sound of the roots. You must be extraordinarily sensitive to hear the sound. This sound is not the noise of the world, not the noise of the chattering of the mind, not the vulgarity of human quarrels and human warfare, but sound as part of the universe. It is good that we have so little relationship with nature, with the insects and the leaping frog and the owl that hoots among the hills calling for its mate. We never seem to have a feeling for all living things on the earth. If we could establish a deep abiding relationship with nature, we would never harm, vivisect, a monkey, a dog, a guinea pig for our benefit. We would find other ways to heal our wounds, heal our bodies. But the healing of the mind is something totally different. That healing gradually takes place if you are with nature, with that orange on the tree, and the blade of grass that pushes through the

cement, and the hills covered, hidden, by the clouds. This is not sentiment or romantic imagination but a reality of a relationship with everything that lives and moves on the earth. Man has killed millions of whales and is still killing them. All that we derive from their slaughter can be had through other means. But apparently man loves to kill things, the fleeting deer, the marvelous gazelle, and the great elephant. We love to kill each other. This killing of other human beings has never

stopped throughout the history of man’s life on this earth. If we could, and we must, establish a deep long abiding relationship with nature, with the actual trees, the bushes, the flowers, the grass, and the fast moving clouds, then we would never slaughter another human being for any reason whatsoever. Organized murder is war.


Karl Marx Communist Manifesto on Religion

Religion according to Karl Marx is a basis for continued separation between the ruling and the working class. The ruling class employs religion behind which lurks its own special interest. According to him there is a constant overpowering of new religious ideas over the old. The ancient religions was overthrown by Christianity and itself succumbed to rationalistic ideas in the 18th century. He interprets that to be the birth of religious liberty and awakening the freedom of consciousness.  He says eventhough religious , moral and philosophical ideas changes it did not change the system founded on them. Communism he says should abolish all eternal truths, religions and existing moral principles and constitutes them in a new picture which will not make history repeat but establish a system that requires no more self correction or overpowering of one idea over another, or exploitation of one class of people (religious, social or economical) over the other He feels one does not require deep intuition to understand human consciousness which changes with changes in time due to the material and social changes around him.


The ruling class according to him are minorities but who have been strong and ruling the majority, among many factors employing religion as one of them.  This reminds me of Brahminism and its misuse by few as a ruling minority over the majority under the name of god and religion. Karl Marx idea was to unite the working class and also remove the boundaries of nationalism among them to bring a self conscious independent movement by the majority for the majority. Buddha was faced with a similar situation of his times but he found a solution through his wisdom, for he knew there is nothing else to master but oneself through one’s own mind.


Main failure of Karl Marx philosophy is he failed to see that eventhough the interests have to be centered around the likes and wants of majority and abolition of every sectarian form of antagonistic society, there requires a trustful government on the same principle to implement with all sincerity adhering to the same goals. He wanted to abolish the minority over majority, but he failed to see the communist governments formed are indirectly minority (do not really represent people, as people with power tend to use it for their own purpose) controlling the majority and by virtue of this enormous control given to the government, it became like an aristocratic rule.


Failure of communism is directly linked with economy, and it seems to be true for there were no steps taken for higher productivity. Obviously everyone under the communist rule would be getting equal privilege, well it may sound great but not everyone works the same. There are a section of people who benefit on others work and are just parasites and there is NO COMPETITION and thus NO IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY. The society eventhough is divided by capitalistic ideas still seems to be the workable philosophy for a better economical living. A better economy brings about a change in living and even moral conditions among people with the challenge and competition being the motivational factors to survive by being contributive, responsible and productive.

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Arjuna on Osho and his disciples

ON the battleground of Kurushetra , Krishna has completed the teaching of Sankya Philosophy and the attributes , nature and characteristics of a Yogi. Having heard all that, Arjuna having surrendered to his feelings and emotions is unable to grasp the insight and says the system of yoga seems to be impractical for me and mind is so strong and distracted by other things and that it is immensely difficult to subdue. This is the first and only time he resists with weakness admitting his current state of mind as every reader of Gita would by this time. Krishna agrees that it is not an easy task and says it requires practice to control one's own mind.

Arjuna requests to dispel his greatest doubt and feels other than krishna no one can clarify this question

arjuna uvaca
ayatih sraddhayopeto
yogac calita-manasah
aprapya yoga-samsiddhim
kam gatim krsna gacchati

"What is the fate and destination of an Unsuccessfull Transcendalist, who is initially centred on the path of self realization but whose faith deviates from the path of mystical link ?"

kaccin nobhaya-vibhrastas
chinnabhram iva nasyati
apratistho maha-baho
vimudho brahmanah pathi

"Is it not that like a cloud that perishes, he is lost in direction being nowhere in this world(materialistic nor spiritual)"

True many millionares and highly educated disciples found neither spiritual wisdom nor had their normal materialistic life, largely atributed to the unqualified disciples who were pure oppurtunist and who wanted an escape from their depressions under the name of spirituality because of their self denial and honesty to work on their problems.

Speaking about gods and godmen, he suddenly found himself as god among men. As a professor of Philosophy he created his school of professors, and his style of teaching became the lifestyle for many, who however became few and fewer. Osho is on a revival spree to many and many more to come, for they did not live to see the historical Osho head of unqualified commune but Osho through his words as a mystic which is full of beauty, grace and grandeur.

Most appropriate Osho quote to his indiscplined commune and himself.

"You have to be very alert and very conscious not to be corrupted by your own past, not to be corrupted by your own scriptures, not to be corrupted by your own history." - Om Mani Padme Hum , Chapter 15.

The sharp contrast of Osho compared to Buddha was that Osho wanted his teaching to reach as many people as possible in the quickest manner and believe din his commune to spread his word even after him but didnt know the very same commune would bring him down. Ananda, Buddha's disciple describes, just as how a king who doesnt care as to who passes by and who leaves the fortified door guarded by his men, Buddha doesnt care about who comes and who leaves the sangha but for this teaching and that being out of compassion.

I am sure the new age Guru ( Art of Living) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar can see the pattern in Osho's commune and Prabhupada's ISKCON , maybe there should be something to also learn from Kanchi Mutt.


Prelude to Meditation

every night in silence i speak and the silence in me speaks about the persisent need to seek the divine, an unwavering and almost non forcible thought which had stayed with me and surafced ever since my school days.
sometimes the depth of silence during the night, at times of non distraction and observation is equally intriguing and mysterious and seems to hide some profound knowledge of our conscious self, which is covered and distanced by the restless mind directing attention outwardly and serving the senses all the time.
The kind of peace experienced then lacks the concept of time and remains so till mind intervenes out of jealousy seeing such a tranquility and serenity. It interferes by thoughts of suspicion, of low self esteem and lack of self confidence, which are such defeating forces onto oneself.
Befriending one's mind is the most difficult relationship,which if mastered brings about frictionless acceptance in recognizing problems of humanity from a standpoint of viewing my problems and others problems are essentially of the same nature and therefore work together to solve them rather than embracing the current way of dividing, blaming, accusing and further fuelling the indifferences.
Pocketed ideas, groupistic ideologies, ignorant and selfish divisions, are increasingly creating more knowledge based conflicts, fanaticsm, blind nationalism fuelling hatred and physical violence. Corrupted teachings, misinterpretd truths, hijacking of theories and the hunger to feel and become powerful not for just cause but out of insecurity and fear are the primary reason for its sustenance.
Queititude of the mind by self immersion immediately brings the fallacy and chaos created by the same mind, the clay, which can be moulded into any shape and size for whatever purposes deemed necessary by our super self, who spins the wheel of samsara many time before the art is perfected. The glorification of flesh born to decay under the name of race, caste, religion and nationalities makes suffering eternal to mankind.
ONly in permanence, authority is established. Yet in this very changing world of circumstances where everything is short lived and impermanent we seek to find solace by seeking to posses or make them permanent against their very own nature. The authority of permanence is the dance of one's consciousness in harmony with the super self, not the decoraton of ornaments of ignorance and mental inertia which spoils this rhythymic tune of truth.
In the floor of meditation and in the hall of such silence the inertia of sleep or the feared enemy of distraction if not checked reigns supreme, where the harmonious dance of self discovery needs to perform. The more of which you practice becomes the habit and thus one's destiny. I pray to this silence to shower me from my sprouts of momentary vairagya to bless with ever flowing fountain of eletrical kundalini.

awake arise ascend, from your base lotus
fill flower flame, as eternal witness
conquer crush command, my mind's shortness
grant bless unite with life's wholeness


Mutts are not Missionaries but Monastries

The closest translation in english to a Mutt is Monastrey. Adi Shankara's the poet, principal founder, reviver , architect of vedic Dharma after many of his travels, debates and reforms brought out the true meaning of scriptures through his commentaries and removed the ignorance of the different rivaling sects and branches of Santana Dharma philosophy. Eventhough Shankara has praised Buddha in one of his works as an enlightened being, systematic exodus of buddhist philosophy to far east is attributed to Shankara's work and revival of Vedic Dharma.

Shankara traveleld to the todays much disputed Kashmir, and established the authority of Vedic Dharma as Sarvagna Peetha or Seat of the Ominiscent. I am not sure whether he knew what would later to become the fate of Kashmir when he established it for propagation of his message. Maybe India will not give away Kashmir for this sole reason of having to forego the Mutt and may be the unity factor, who knows.

Neverthless in order to strengthen the order and establish the foundation of Advaita or Non Dualist philosophy the four principal Mutts on all directions of the country was established and his followers were ordained to be the principal Acharyas or teachers.

Badri---------North--------Thotaka Acharya ---------Amarutha Peeta
Puri---------East----------Padmapada---------------Shakti Peeta
Dwaraka----- West---------Hastamalaka--------------MahaKali Peeta
Sringeri------South---------Sureshwara---------------Sharada Peeta

The lineage of Acharayas following Sankara as steadily lost focus in the changing world till date as with India, which wants to see herself as a world power of economy and military strength, rather than the spiritual center of the world. The spiritual power and economic and military strength should exist one would think, to protect its borders and its own people from poverty and continue to exist and protect the spiritual richness of this only remaining ancient civilization in existance. But unfrotunately it is going under a dangerous path of acquiring a new image becoming something rather than just being and removing its negativities.

Mutts acquired power by becoming financial and charitable institutions, the same way as world missionaries by selling their philosophies. Afterall how many of these Acharayas are truly enlightened beings? they are just institution heads, otherwise they would have been as Ramana Maharishi, where the world comes in search of the embodiment of truth and not embody truth with one's own.

Kanchi was a never one of the four Peethas of Adi Shankara, however due to a qualified Guru reached its current glory then, currently the way mutts function it looks aMBA would be best suited to run rather than someone holy.


Manifestation of Life

without Being there is no intelligence
without intelligence there is no thought
without thought, there are no choices
without choices there is no action
without action there is no karma
without karma there is no manifestation
without manifestation there is no life

this eternal supreme intelligence descended and gave birth to matter called life.

When i thought and wrote this i wondered on why the need for this supreme intelligence to manifest and i read a beautiful passage from Savitri by Aurobindo in Arise Again O India by Francois Gautier.

"It was the hour before the Gods awake.
Across the path of the divine Event
The huge foreboding mind of Night, alone
In her unlit temple of eternity,
Lay stretched immobile upon Silence’s marge…" - Aurobindo

And then, « something » happened:

"Then Something in the inscrutable darkness stirred;
A nameless movement, an unthought Idea,
Insistent, dissatisfied, without an aim,
Something that wished but knew not how to be,
Teased the Inconscient to wake Ignorance"… - Aurobindo

Manifestation blossomed to human form uncontrolled unsupervised forgetting itself and waiting to realise that it is the spark of the same intelligence by shedding the costume of birth and death.