My Poetry, Philosophy, Thoughts and Ideas.


SRK (Self Realization & Knowledge)

excerpts from a chat with SRK

1. do you realize that grief of separation is a common problem to humanity ?
2. do you know why you are happy when you are happy?
3. do you have sorrow that this happiness will come to an end?
4. is seed of sorrow registeringof joy?
5. can you live without remembering your pleasures and pains ?
6. can you die then and there to emotions? that is art of living
7. why there is sadness and guilt of death, are you going to be left out?
8. can you allow fear to fully pervade you, when you are scared without reacting to it?
9. life is about dynamism, u cant rest in a happy moment, sorrow is just about to follow, can you live and get out of it that moment?
10. if you are inattentive, and you have identified that is attention, not immediately trying to get attentive, can you practice this?
11. living is about not knowing what comes next but still being able to face it, this is dynamism, can you learn it?
12. knowledge and knowing is a reaction to fear, can you just face fear? if you do then knowledge blooms
13. the only help from fear is to do nothing but face it.
14. by thought u can only know the limitation of thought not truth

The Two

passionate eyes
dimly candles

loving hearts
intimate moments

soft whispers
inaudible words

tasty lips
gentle licks

warmy bites
love's tatoos

nibbling tongue
urging teeth

probing hands
playful fingers

tingling skin
caressing touch

tickling hair
body's fragrance

pressing heat
burning body

trickling sweat
rivery art

moisty flow
swelling emotions

ends rock
inside out

swirling hips
moaning sounds

urging desires
throbbing tensions

rhythymic dance
resonating energy

joyful pain
timeless climax

everlasting memory
of you & me


My Self

boundless inside bag of skeletons
timeless inside merciles death
bravest inside abstract fear
blissful inside illusioned sorrow
Freedom inside self chained actions
Love outside my own self

Gurus & Humans

quotes from my friends

"There is no saint, guru, or other exhalted human that is without fault. History tends to paint the heros to be perfect...and memory wants to remember the good but nature doesnt work that way, balance is the key" - Amber Temkin

"Only when fear vanishes from the Psyche , that day is real birth day." -SRK

"Ironically your value to the company depends upon how much you ask, than how much you give" -SRK



1) If you want something, how can you stop thinking about it?

2) If you don't want anything, what is there to think about?

1) If you want something , do you want to do everything to get that something?

2) If you dont want anything, then it is still something you want

3) if something that you want is everything, then anything else becomes nothing

this thing that i want is YOU


The greatest insecurity lies not on people or thing outside you but on self anxiety and fear of your loneliness.

If you allow yourself to be taken for granted, it means you have taken the very life to be.

The greatest greed is to love, for you would want ever to be young and be reborn every other second

Patience carried beyond its need, results in making others violent onto you

my toughest challenge is not knowing that what could be so tough

virtue is not just following , but standing against when it is not followed onto you

that which has no depth, doesnt require a closer peep

its worth to give all for love , its even more worth a gift not losing it

its wise to cherish what is lost, than cry over but its foolish to lose what is ever present , the inner Atman

by silencing your mind, you will find how noisy others around are. but in trying to silence others, your mind gets noisy. The first maks you divine , the later makes you canine.

shyness is not thinking more about oneself , but thinking what others think about us


Cant Anymore

i can no longer sleep , no longer dream
no longer weep, pushed to life's extreme

can no longer think, no longer ink
no longer could sync, havng cut our link

can no longer lie, no longer cry
no longer knowwhy, why you bid goodbye


One Chance

thinking about you all day long
knowing where, i always belong
finding it in your hearts love song
tell me between us , there's nothing wrong
in love for you ,i have grown strong
forgive and forget, for the past is gone
hold my hand baby, we can get along
gimme one last chance, to make it lifelong


Ms i miss

the spiritual bond persist, i do insist
i never did cover, to call it over,
you still do love me, dont you see
feelings never told, with time will grow cold
if i ever had the power, i would bring back the magic hour
singing lovely rhymes, of those intimate spent times
i have grown over youth, known whats truth
but when i knew about love, you flew like a dove

A Lie

a cause of a trivial lie
as cost dearly my life
i cant get you back, how much ever i try
neither can i forget you or stop this cry
i really never intended from you to hide
nor deserve this loneliness with your chide


I feel

I want to fall again and again in this friendship
not loosen heart's intimate grip
neither place or time, can make it slip
nor would let, you or ohers have it snip

i feel younger by the day
i feel lonely by the moment,
i feel blessed by the past
i feel longing for the future,
i feel you in the present

i feel rich by this experience
i feel fear saving this gift
i feel possessive by this desire
i feel numb by my ambience
i feel you in this love

I want to fall again and again in this friendship
not loosen heart's intimate grip
neither place or time, can make it slip
nor would let you or ohers, have it snip


Fire of Desire

your hair dancing like flame of fire
burns my heart in heat’s intense desire
your eyes that drag me, to you near
makes me blind of love , o my dear
your words are electric sparks of wire
that melts my mind in thy wisdom fryer
your smile that illumines , and I admire
made this poem to life, and does inspire


moon girl

She is watching the moonlit night

Far away from my sight

She leaves her imagination incite

Of an awakened dream that’s so bright

Her eyes reflecting the moon’s light

Distracts the very tranquility of the night

Those eyes have stolen the natures right

Leaving her more beautiful than ever tonight

As your beauty across many miles beams

it hit me , to wake me from love’s dream

her long hair becomes the music , waving the wind

dancing to the waves of the ocean chords

in her atlas shoulders bearing waving its wings

lies the never spoken saga of the Vikings


Symptoms of Summer

when you see /hear

1. house to house competition of who digs deep holes called bores
2. ladies armouring with plastic pots
3. vans cleaning the roads with their leaking tanks
4. longer human trains running on roads by forming endless queues
5. verbal combats from street queens
6. people talking salt filters for house taps
7. drops of water make an ocean maybe a saying , but not even a ocean can provide a drinking drop is also true in one place
8.neighbouring indian states fight like neighbouring countries
9. where politicians fail and movie actors acting like politicans help more
10. where film titles, news headlines, political themes, people voice , social critics, visionaries, agriculturalists, scientists for once talk the same language

you may wonder what are we talking about?

Well! we are talking about water , water , water as its summer , summer , summer in Chennai,India


Love Hiccups

Love is like an Hiccup
you can never ever hide
Love is like an Hiccup
you utter without your knowledge
Love is like an Hiccup
it can never completely be quenched
Love is unike an Hiccup
for drinking itself is its cure
Love is unlike an Hiccup
for it has no cause nor a reason
Love is unlike an Hiccup
it is neither born nor dies


End of love

HE: when the one you want rejects you

the whole world crumbles under your feet

all of sudden you forget everything you knew

the whole life becomes incomplete

SHE: when you know she is no longer for you

there are no more excuses to share

can’t distinguish lie from true

but do know, my heart for you, still would care

HE:when you know the end is near

Don’t make me say "goodbye my friend"

i cant stop my eyes that tear

to see this way , our love would end

SHE: when you finally know its all over

there is nothing more to speak

there is nothing left to uncover

nor anymore false promises to keep

In your love, am safe

in your love i would be always safe
amidst living this dangerous world
i wouldnt thereafter need to dream the dream
but would live it in every breath

I know you cannot take me at this time
so chain me in solitude inside your heart
when thy door opens , the chains would hear
breaking away , the distance of far and near
there would no longer be boundaries of you and me
as we would evaporate into thin air,
nature called love, with all its beauty will dance there

I know you need to know me more
you will only see my love , more and more you explore
when i look into thy eyes, they drag me deep
and i see the beauty of myself , through them as i peep
everything you see through them is beautified
bonds of love blooming forth far and wide
i melt in this experience, and many a times have cried

in your love i would be always safe
amidst this troubling mind
i wouldnt thereafter think the thoughts
but just be and live ever in your heart


I miss you

I long to hear only your voice
everything else seems an unpleasant noise
eventhough distanced by many a mile
dont ever think you can hide that smile
can you hear me NOW, whipser your name
calling to particpate in this lover's game?

i miss this day our non stop laughter
the one i wouldnt tire to chase after
you are an everlasting spring, inside my heart
with sacred love stings, wounding my parts
i cant wait ,wait to tell
how in love , with you i fell

Phone call

the chilling cold
the chirping sounds
the shivering bones
the frozen hands
the immobile legs
that innocent laugh
this timeless moment
a loving heart
a melifluous voice
sets the stage for that call
our friendship ageless and tall