My Poetry, Philosophy, Thoughts and Ideas.


about me

Indeed form is a limitation, for vision is only a mere interpretation to which mind falls a prey. To live beyond forms in a relationship is to see the genderless soul dancing inside one's heart and not falling into the tunes sung by emotions or thoughts dictated my human mind. Yet holding the strong identity of the self is why even in immaculate love beyond name, form and gender the feeling of seperation is so strongy felt, but this very love melts the same ego which infact has created this strong identity. To wish and desire for such a relationship cannot be selfish for the very true intent is to go beyond constantly coninuting to seek or need it , a the genderless, egoless, formless self is all thats left and it is me.


about you

it is indeed these unaswerable and feelings beyond human comphrension which makes this life so beauiful , makes it evade the chains of human rational and reasoning , makes it not surrender to the power of mind,to the grip of ego , to will of self, to the idea of determinism, to the concept of science. These plesant suprises that emerge within about ourselves in the light and mirror of others and the ever puzzlng human relationship dominated by the mazes drawn by the human mind is what makes life a challenge, a beauty and the hope that we would wake up facing life in reality and engulfed by it beauty when we become exhausted of its illusionary sleep.