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In defining, we lose to see
In losing to see, the essence
In losing the essence, the meaning
In losing the meaning, the facts
In losing the facts, the purpose
In losing the purpose, Oh this very life!

Unveiled is the mind that ceases to verbalize
Unraveled is the mind that ceases to symbolize
Undiscovered is the mind that continues to Labelize



When will it fall, desire in forms
When will it arise, thy wisdom storm
When will it cease, rituals and norms
When will it awaken, an inner reform
When will it quench, pouring thought swarms
When will it fill, so stillness transforms


Atma Jnana

in the nature of samsara
everything is but anitya
experiencing this tattva
is the essence of Nirvana

this world born of avidya
gives birth to sukha & dukha
meditating on this maya
is the practice of Jnana

the flame of ahankaara
fading amidst the wind of atmagnana
spreads the fragrance of ananda
in the path of dhyana

vishnu, brahma or iishvara
dwelling as eternal antah atma
without a second manifested as jiva
is supreme knowledge of vedanta



To see cause of action (ending)
To see arising of action (present)
To see cessation of action (begining)
To be in this moment (truth)

To see oppurtunity in suffering (sadhana)
To see body as non self (illusion)
To see mind in movement (thoughts)
To be observer in doer (meditation)

to see permanence in impermanence (self)
to see impermanence in permanence (world)
to see inaction in action (wisdom)
to see action in inaction (rishi)


Ending Movement

Mysteriously bound is the mind
in physical phenomenon of reality that blinds
incessant and momentous in its pereverance
pursues the dream of desire in all its appearance

in castles of expectation are its actions built
with inevitable walls of disappointments silts
it learns to lurk,label, love and long
but never a moment to be in stillness and calm

Constantly in search, for happiness & peace
not knowing the very wanting doesnt give release,
in the never ending cycle we continue to blossom, thus whither
amidst seldom unborn ever shining inlooker


Pathlessness to Happiness

in wanting to be happy
happiness is lost in wanting
in doing to be happy
happines is lost in doing
in becoming to be happy
happiness is lost in becoming
in just being happy
is happiness, found in one's being


The Present

In contact with senses, in each moment
Arises the myriad objects in accrument
To name, To identify, is mind’s excitement
In the path that leads to self indictment

From stillness, that springs each moment
Arises the form, from formless incitement
To be, Or not to be, remains the predicament
As long as transcendence remains an adjournment

In flicker of hope, is each moment
lies wisdom's treasure in confinement
To see, to observe, I's absentment
is the path that leads to self-enlightenment


Search, Blogging & Immortality

Excerpt from the Book "The Search" by John Battelle
How Google and its rivals Rewrote the rules of Business and Transformed our Culture.

"What does it mean, I wondered, to become immortal through words pressed in clay-or, as was the case here, through words formed in bits and transferred over the web? Is that not what every person longs for - what Odysseus choose over kalypso's nameless immortality-to die, but to be known forever? And does not search offer the same immortal imprint: is not existing forever in the indexes of Google and others the modern day equivalent of carving our stories into stone? For anyone who has ever written his own name into a search box and anxiously awaited the results, i believe the answer is yes." - John Battelle



Her glance was caring & my hopes were bright
Her speech was short with words that delight
Her smile was radiant, like the moon at night
Her steps were slow yet attractive in gait

Her looks were noble, fires of passion ignite
Her features were slender yet majestic than Knights
Her eyes so proud yet her heart polite
Her manners so gentle, provoked poets to write

Her laughter so irresistible, a thunderous light
Her character so simple yet profound to excite
Her love so pure in line of my sight
Her being so divine , didnt need me quite


Karmic Katabasis

A world of our own making
With beliefs, hopes & dreams
An illusion we call reality
With fantasies, dreams & deceptions
A game we came to act
With friends, families & fellow travelers
A desire forever arose
With likes, dislikes and whims.

A birth of our own karma
With tendencies, impulses & unfulfilled needs
A personality costume we wore
With fear, insecurity & anxieties
A character we chose to play
With sadness, anger and grief
A time unchosen will end the play
With regret, remorse and guilt


Always & Never

A mind which dwells in simple delights
Is never bored with life’s trite
A mind which dwells in whiny wants
Is always needy with ghostly haunts
A mind which longs for the soul immortal
Is never in poverty for its internal and eternal
A mind which longs for outer security
Is always disappointed and sad in obscurity
A mind which learns from own life’s experience
Is never doubting the lessons of its existence
A mind which learns only by competition
Is always to breed fear, envy and opposition
A mind which holds itself near & dear
Is never shaken even in a state of fear
A mind which holds on to fleeting transience
Is always missing the here and now conscience
A mind which sees in mirror of humility
Is never tired to learn life in tranquility
A mind which sees itself above all
Is always trapped, to its own ego to befall



A garland without flowers
A garden without them
A year without spring
A lifetime without them
A landscape without trees
A planet without them
A land without water
An ocean without them
A sky without clouds
And rain without them
A forest without animals
An habitat without them
A life without balance
A mind without them
An earth without life
And man without them



Even sun will die
In space, it sworns
Even space will die
In mind, as it belongs
Even memories will die
In time, as we age along
Even time will die
In Love, to adorn
Even love will die
In end?, I mourn
Even the end will die
In karma, to be reborn
whatever you may own
lives to this song
thats all to be known
and is taught lifelong.

Garb of Reality

suffering garbed is desire
sorrow garbed is expectations
ignorance garbed is illusion
fear garbed is anger
insecurity garbed is possesiveness
karma garbed is action
wisdom garbed is happiness
love garbed is humanity
nature garbed is God
Reality garbed is Reality


Being Not Becoming

Its Never too late
To be what you would have been
It could be too late
To still try becoming rather just be
Its Never too late
To know what you have become over lifetimes
It could be too late
Not to know you are an infinite being this lifetime


Awakening our Awareness

Accepting ourselves is the face of Sincerity.
Sincerity is the anchor of focus, a compass for self direction, a mirror of guidance
The inner guidance by practice triggers a natural subconscious process called Awakening.
With Awakening begins the actual journey of bringing to forefront our beautiful inner self
Thought no longer chooses but the very thinking is choosen.
Then from being someone who is reactive, we become someone who is aware.



It's not for us to know when it will happen.
It will happen when it's time.
And when it's time you'll know it
it will then be beautiful, perfect and filling.
You will start radiating the joy once again
as that moment will dissolve all questions
You will be irreversibly transformed
to a state where there no longer exist past
but only moments of reality, always as now


A Prayer

When we feel down and alone
Lets make the present moment our friend
When we are challenged
Lets question what is our relationship with the present moment, is it harmonious?
When we feel a sense of loss
Lets remember if at all there is a solution it can only be in the present
When we feel sad of the past
Lets understand that it is felt by your 'BEING' , which is present tense always
When we are anxious of the future
Lets become self aware that when future comes , it will only come in the present
When we feel the 'connectedness'
Lets realize there was never a time where it did not or will not cease to exist, as we are verily existence
When we cry
Lets do so by completely and wholeheartedly accepting the situation, without a conflict or escape.
When we are happy
Lets enjoy and strive to live it in every such moment, every single day


Physical Chemistry

So what, if these loving eyes have dark circles?
I have been sleepless ever since you left me
So what, if these limbs are weak and shoulders shrunk?
I have last all my vigor and strength after I gave my heart
So what, that I am no longer so attractive to you?
I have withered my every petal in this eternal longing for you
So what, if this body is ever slowly decaying ?
It is so religiously doing its duty in every moment
Can we really see that Love without any of its form?
Are we so illusioned that we just cant see it ?
Choose between what you are and what you want to be
Heart never listens to the Mind, it is always the other way!
And when mind listens to the heart, it ceases to be
In Love thus ceases “I”-ness to become Oneness.
You cant love without a heart
Nor can you have a heart without love
You cannot take the love which you gave
You cannot give love until the you is taken


Life's Approach

Pragmatism is a rational approach.
Even Honesty is an ideological approach
Acceptance is the most magnanimous approach
Belief is a self satisfactory approach.
Spontaneity is our heats approach
Safety and Fear is our minds approach
Hurt is our self made image’s approach
Happiness is our inner being approach


Rishi of Love

You saw my pearls of love as mere tears
You saw my melting pot of my being’s love as mere weakness
You saw my unconditional acceptance out of love as mere incapacity
You saw my mind drenched in heart’s love as mere instrument to impress
You saw my longing for love’s courtship as mere anxiety
You saw my innocence blossoming out of love as mere childishness
You saw my creativity that sprung from love’s spontaneity as mere fantasy
You saw my sensitivity and tenderness out of love as mere imbalance
You saw my words that danced to love’s music as mere flattery
I saw in you the divine inner being beyond all its labels and forms as Love


The Union

Where is love
If the ‘I’ has not disappeared still?
Where is beloved
If we cannot find it inside one's heart
Where is courtship
if the heart and mind is not married in oneself
Where is the need for marriage
If we are not in wedlock with divine
Where is divine
If not in you and as yourself


Artful Life

Art comes from not obsession but passion.
Poetry is one of its multifaceted expressions
And the artist himself is its everflowing inspiration.
improvization is its tool sculpted in spontaneity
which transcends definitiveness and certainity
from the self created 'reality' of safety
to a state of experiencing the 'now' in totality
Imagination becomes the art of the mind
Love, the art of the Hearts
Truth, the art of the inner being
Happiness, as art of this blessed life



If I had been that dry sultry air
I came looking for your wisdom’s moisture
If I had been that fierce self destructive wind
I came to thee land to calm and die down
If I have become this very pleasant breeze
I came from thy sea of love that made me warm
If I am still that ever fresh zephyr
I come again and again to kiss your beauty

From my garden of words arises the flower of poetry,
every single day blessed and kissed by the divine light
the birds of love and wisdom in threrein they flock
to bless and thank the beauty in us that forgot


Drums of Joy

the ensuing drama is a pastime , enjoy while it lasts
the tears are a divine flowing , enjoy let it come
the sadness is but divine longing, enjoy live's toast
the suffering will reveal yourself, embrace so you become

takeplaing your dreams to the beat of dancing staff
mind's noise dissolves in it slowly and steadily
in utter such peace you hear yourself laugh
with a joy and madness that is so fulfilling & lively

this moment becomes you, no longer it is stolen
wealthy in abundance in fullfilment of wisdom
poor of ego's hurt, happines is swollen
lost and drown in oneness of god's kingdom

evrything you possess no longer do you own
surrender you become, not in preparation but time
everything you learnt, is meaningless and thrown
sacrifice you live, attuned to heavenly dance chimes.



Fold the corners of your mind into your heart
And make planes of happiness that flies without any strings
Let the divine wind carry you through life effortlessly
Expand your love as heart’s wings to be happy & alive
Flutter and dance in the sky with the gorgeous wings O Butterfly!
Flap your wings and keep this dance going ,
while my heart in silence is in stillness and smiling


Dance of Love

my dance is based on the tone of my heartbeat
how can I say?, my heart often dies in longing
while my pen keeps refusing to write my story
the world of dance is but a journey that you have accepted
which when ends, it all seems to begin ,
but when you begin it all seems to end

Man is like a weightless object wandering in the daily waves of life
O Mind Knowing and having known, don’t you worry
The beat has not missed, nor is it a mistake of anyone
final destination is how far my legs can take

you flew away from me forgetting our old notes
and my eyes are burdened crying all night all along
this should all be but a secret drama
and I am like a boat swayed hither and there by the waves
Feelings are not a SIN , nor have I any anger towards life
Love simply did not Love me


Another Day

Another day passes, another one begins
Life again unravels its most mysterious lessons
Another day passes, another one begins
Ever changing in me, is nature's dynamic vision
Another day passes another one begins
We lose something, to learn what is it to win
Another day passes another day begins
Memories get churned in everyday's spin
Another day passes, another one begins
Love inside only grows more deep within
Another day passes, another one begins
in each of it moment lies the truth hidden


O Divine Goddess Shakti!

Days, Months and Years would pass by
Amidst joy, sorrow, growth, life challenges
You would continue to remind me of my innocent youth
By your resplendent smile and incessant joy of laughter
You would continue to strengthen my resolve amidst life’ challenges
By having strived through insurmountable challenges of past lives
You would continue to smilingly remind me of my lost love & only love
By illuminating my mind of the divine love that is abundant within us
You would continue to make me introspectively reflect of past
By reminding me of the present moment and anchor in awareness
You would still communicate everyday eventhough distant
By sending your thoughts and prayers through the sun, stars and moon
You would continue to ignite my inner fire for growth and realization
By embracing my soul and kissing my fears and pains goodbye
You would continue to remind me of my limitations, regrets and weakness
By showing they don’t belong to your divine self and they are not me
You would continue to make me cry , break and shed tears
By showing how blessed I am to have known and connected with you
You would make me feel helpless, longing and anxious
By asking me to wait in another reincarnation, yet another birth
You would make me cherish and make me feel the most gifted person
By living inside my heart and mind till the very end as glowing wisdom
You would make me see beyond vastness and voidness
By making me understand both from what I lost and what I have
You would make me see beyond forms, labels and words
By bringing the reality of who we are behind the curtain of fantasy and dreams