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Always & Never

A mind which dwells in simple delights
Is never bored with life’s trite
A mind which dwells in whiny wants
Is always needy with ghostly haunts
A mind which longs for the soul immortal
Is never in poverty for its internal and eternal
A mind which longs for outer security
Is always disappointed and sad in obscurity
A mind which learns from own life’s experience
Is never doubting the lessons of its existence
A mind which learns only by competition
Is always to breed fear, envy and opposition
A mind which holds itself near & dear
Is never shaken even in a state of fear
A mind which holds on to fleeting transience
Is always missing the here and now conscience
A mind which sees in mirror of humility
Is never tired to learn life in tranquility
A mind which sees itself above all
Is always trapped, to its own ego to befall


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