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O Divine Goddess Shakti!

Days, Months and Years would pass by
Amidst joy, sorrow, growth, life challenges
You would continue to remind me of my innocent youth
By your resplendent smile and incessant joy of laughter
You would continue to strengthen my resolve amidst life’ challenges
By having strived through insurmountable challenges of past lives
You would continue to smilingly remind me of my lost love & only love
By illuminating my mind of the divine love that is abundant within us
You would continue to make me introspectively reflect of past
By reminding me of the present moment and anchor in awareness
You would still communicate everyday eventhough distant
By sending your thoughts and prayers through the sun, stars and moon
You would continue to ignite my inner fire for growth and realization
By embracing my soul and kissing my fears and pains goodbye
You would continue to remind me of my limitations, regrets and weakness
By showing they don’t belong to your divine self and they are not me
You would continue to make me cry , break and shed tears
By showing how blessed I am to have known and connected with you
You would make me feel helpless, longing and anxious
By asking me to wait in another reincarnation, yet another birth
You would make me cherish and make me feel the most gifted person
By living inside my heart and mind till the very end as glowing wisdom
You would make me see beyond vastness and voidness
By making me understand both from what I lost and what I have
You would make me see beyond forms, labels and words
By bringing the reality of who we are behind the curtain of fantasy and dreams


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