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A Prayer

When we feel down and alone
Lets make the present moment our friend
When we are challenged
Lets question what is our relationship with the present moment, is it harmonious?
When we feel a sense of loss
Lets remember if at all there is a solution it can only be in the present
When we feel sad of the past
Lets understand that it is felt by your 'BEING' , which is present tense always
When we are anxious of the future
Lets become self aware that when future comes , it will only come in the present
When we feel the 'connectedness'
Lets realize there was never a time where it did not or will not cease to exist, as we are verily existence
When we cry
Lets do so by completely and wholeheartedly accepting the situation, without a conflict or escape.
When we are happy
Lets enjoy and strive to live it in every such moment, every single day


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