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Drums of Joy

the ensuing drama is a pastime , enjoy while it lasts
the tears are a divine flowing , enjoy let it come
the sadness is but divine longing, enjoy live's toast
the suffering will reveal yourself, embrace so you become

takeplaing your dreams to the beat of dancing staff
mind's noise dissolves in it slowly and steadily
in utter such peace you hear yourself laugh
with a joy and madness that is so fulfilling & lively

this moment becomes you, no longer it is stolen
wealthy in abundance in fullfilment of wisdom
poor of ego's hurt, happines is swollen
lost and drown in oneness of god's kingdom

evrything you possess no longer do you own
surrender you become, not in preparation but time
everything you learnt, is meaningless and thrown
sacrifice you live, attuned to heavenly dance chimes.


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