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Dance of Love

my dance is based on the tone of my heartbeat
how can I say?, my heart often dies in longing
while my pen keeps refusing to write my story
the world of dance is but a journey that you have accepted
which when ends, it all seems to begin ,
but when you begin it all seems to end

Man is like a weightless object wandering in the daily waves of life
O Mind Knowing and having known, don’t you worry
The beat has not missed, nor is it a mistake of anyone
final destination is how far my legs can take

you flew away from me forgetting our old notes
and my eyes are burdened crying all night all along
this should all be but a secret drama
and I am like a boat swayed hither and there by the waves
Feelings are not a SIN , nor have I any anger towards life
Love simply did not Love me


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