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you and I share a secret
that no one else would know
you are my dear own baby
for i cared to see you grow
you were my only faithful friend
even when others would come and go
you will always be in my heart
like an everlit candle that glows

Life seems to be more than love
for my love cannot save you
Life seems to be more than memory
for i want you but not in memories
Life seems to be more than tears
for i know it will not bring you back
Life seems to be about everything
that you and me shared

you wanted me, more than I, when we met
i want you more now when we part
we are all called one by one
it was just your time first to run
you took the strength to follow me
it is time to give back and set you free

I will be there, till the very last
beyond heaven and earth, our love is vast
a part of me, having you lost
will remain a vaccum unfilled, of the past
time will heal, what i feel
tears will veil, what truly i conceal

I remember our walks, i remember our plays
I remember our good time , and those lovely days
how much i love you, can you hear me say?
it is diffult to say goodbye and part our ways
I knew someday, I have to face this test
I also knew then, i will do my best
A part of you , A part of me,
will cease to seperate but live inside me

The vacant floor
The silent voice
The unused mat
The empty dish
every morning it will remind me of you
every such reminder a joyous movement
a movement of love within, about you
which will and continue to be, till my very own end


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