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Kaivalya NavaNeeta (Cream of Emancipation)

Kaivaya Navaneeta was written some 500 years ago by sage Tandavaraya Swami and is written in a form of Dialogue between Disciple and Master form.

"A man who has forgotten where he left his things in the house canot recover them by weeping even for a hundred years. But he will get them only if he thinks the matter over and finds out. The Self is realised directly by KNowledge which destorys forgetfullness (ignroance), the root cause of misery, but it cannot be realised by any amount of just hard work, though extended over several aeons."

Master continus to say this ignorance is dispelled only by knowledge and that too gained from direct experience by sighting the following story

"Ten menforded a stream and on reaching the other shore, each of them counted to ensure no one was left behind. Each of them counted nine others and omitted to count himself:.

"Ignorance is want of right understanding wich causes confusion.
The illusion is ' tenth man missing and not to be found'
Grief at the loss of the tenth man is Vikhepa
TO heed to the words of a sympatheic pass-by who says 'tenth man is among you' is indirect knowledge.
The sympathetic passer by is the Guru.
When the passer by further makes one of them count he others and points to the teller as the tenth man , the discovery of oneself as the missing tenth man is direct experience.
Cessation of grief for the loss of tenth man is freedom.
The joy of indubitable ascertainment is Supreme Bliss."


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